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Often times people mistake P90X for PX90 - Lets clear this up and talk about the real deal which is P90X.

Good, now that we have cleared that up let's get into the real meat and potatoes.

First off - What is P90X?

P90X is an intense 12 Disc Workout at Home system designed by BeachBody and led by the famous and highly motivating Tony Horton. P90X is designed around a method called "Muscle Confusion" The idea is you challenge your muscles at random throughout the 90 days so that you never get used to any one thing. This prevents Muscle Plateau and therefore in theory will allow huge muscle gains and big fat loss. Don't worry ladies - There are variations for every move that allow you to avoid gaining unwanted muscle mass but get you ripped and in the best shape of your life.

I was immediately drawn to this program for the simple fact that it looked tough - I love a challenge and P90X is sure to deliver. Many people ask if P90X works - Coming from someone that has completed 90 days my answer is simply - Yes!

You are constantly challenged and with each phase (There are Three) you become increasingly strong and toned. I noticed results within the first 30 days, not just some small stuff here and there but some big gains! I started day 1 only able to complete about 3-5 chin ups - Now I can do 15-20.

Tony will continue to keep you challenged all the way through your 90 days. It takes time and some days you may find it hard to get moving, but within the first 5 minutes after pushing play you will be ready to Bring It!

What is so incredible about P90X is the variations of exercise. You work you mind, body, and spirit all in one package.

One day you will be lifting weights pushing your max reps - The next day your throwing punches and kicks with Kenpo - The next day your twisting and bending and posing with Yoga. It all comes together into one complete system that WILL Absolutely without a doubt get you to your fitness goals. The key is that you Must Push Play, You have to bring it, You have to Work for It!

P90X requires dedication, it requires the proper mindset that no matter what, you will push play. It is very intense and the first couple weeks into the program truly are intimidating. You Will be sore without a doubt, you will be tired, but the key is to push play anyway and do your best. Tony gives you all kinds of variations and chances to rest and recover if you need to. There is no room for the excuse "It's to intense for me" because you can take it at your pace. Thing's Will get better in time I absolutely promise you.

P90X Changed my life and my Body - It Will do the same for you but you Have To Bring It!

So - Does P90X (PX90) Work? Yes! Take it from someone who is 2 days from day 90. I am a real person who got real results. I did nothing special except do the workouts and eat healthy, that's it. No special twisting, bending, contracting machine required. Just some weights, a Yoga Mat, P90X, and dedication to my Body and my Journey.

Find out more about my journey and hear about my experience first hand on my Blog.


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