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on 9:58 AM

I just wanted to toss together something quick and let you know exactly where I am at with my P90X "Reloaded" round.

Phase II started out with a bang when I did a consistent week of doubles in week one. Week 2 started out the same but I quickly became focused on some other projects which ate into my time and energy.

Basically for the last couple weeks of Phase II I have been doing very random work outs and no doubles.

However, I have in no way given up!

Sometimes things will happen in your life that will divert your focus for a little while. The most important thing is to understand what the most important thing is in your life.

Is it worth the lack of fitness just to give more attention to any one particular thing? I think yes and no.

Depends on how important and the overall situation.

But what matters most is finding that balance in between fitness and other responsibilities.

With that said I have still been staying fitness minded though I slacked a little. I will not let this slack take me down though. I know in my spirit how important fitness is and has been in my life.

Today I am picking up with some P90X+ action and will be fitting together my P90X "Reloaded" phase until Shaun T's Insanity is released (Last I heard the base edition is out on June 20th!)

Keep Pushing Play and don't let anything hold you back from better health!

To health and wellness,

P.S. If you are as insane as me you can join my Insanity Accountability group which will go through the 60-day program side by side. Once the program is available I will place the link within my Products page at betterbody90.com for you!

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Susan said...

Thanks for the update! I am still trying to finish the whole p90x workout, I moved onto the plus series and am trying to get done with it so I can join my husband with the insanity workout! I will be following your results and I love your pic, big change!