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on 9:58 AM

I just wanted to toss together something quick and let you know exactly where I am at with my P90X "Reloaded" round.

Phase II started out with a bang when I did a consistent week of doubles in week one. Week 2 started out the same but I quickly became focused on some other projects which ate into my time and energy.

Basically for the last couple weeks of Phase II I have been doing very random work outs and no doubles.

However, I have in no way given up!

Sometimes things will happen in your life that will divert your focus for a little while. The most important thing is to understand what the most important thing is in your life.

Is it worth the lack of fitness just to give more attention to any one particular thing? I think yes and no.

Depends on how important and the overall situation.

But what matters most is finding that balance in between fitness and other responsibilities.

With that said I have still been staying fitness minded though I slacked a little. I will not let this slack take me down though. I know in my spirit how important fitness is and has been in my life.

Today I am picking up with some P90X+ action and will be fitting together my P90X "Reloaded" phase until Shaun T's Insanity is released (Last I heard the base edition is out on June 20th!)

Keep Pushing Play and don't let anything hold you back from better health!

To health and wellness,

P.S. If you are as insane as me you can join my Insanity Accountability group which will go through the 60-day program side by side. Once the program is available I will place the link within my Products page at betterbody90.com for you!

Jason Croxford aka Betterbody90

Independent Fitness Coach


Skype JasonCroxford

Phone 239-220-3529

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on 10:26 AM

Interval Training: The Best Way to See Quick Results

By Steve Edwards

There are a lot of misunderstandings about the best way to reshape your body. This is because there are a lot of trainers out there who espouse different fitness philosophies. In general, the various regimens touted all have some merit. In this article, we'll take a very simple look at various training strategies, bust a myth or two, and explain why interval training is the most efficient way to change your fitness level.

Man Doing Push-Ups

We're just about to launch a program called Insanity™, featuring Shaun T, which is a high-intensity conditioning program that's based on something we call MAX Interval Training. While it's the most intense workout program we've produced, it's not the first to use interval training to create fast results. In fact, every Beachbody® program uses some type of interval training.

What is interval training?

In short, you are interval training any time your workout includes a set wherein you perform at your maximum level, which is then followed by a lower-intensity set, which is then repeated to achieve a cumulative effect. An interval can be a set of curls, a dance move, or anything that tires you out over its given interval of time. The intervals can be short and hard, or long and easy, but they're all intervals, just so long as there is some cumulative effect (you get more tired as you go). All interval workouts aren't the same, though; the duration and intensity of the intervals are what define the workout.

Conversely, aerobic training is when you maintain a steady output at a low intensity level over the course of the workout. We do offer some workouts that do this, but they are generally either for recovery or for the second daily workout of a doubles program. This type of workout helps your aerobic efficiency but does very little for changing your body.

The myth of the fat-burning zone

Woman JoggingIt's impossible to approach this topic without debunking the term "fat-burning zone." You often hear uninformed trainers recommend that their clients reduce the intensity of their workouts so that their bodies will burn more fat. In reality, all these trainers are doing is lowering the overall effectiveness of their clients' programs.

Here's a quick explanation of the fat-burning zone. At an aerobic pace (see above), your body utilizes stored body fat as fuel to save its preferred fuel (stored blood glycogen) for more pressing matters. It sounds great because you're burning body fat. And while this is true, you're burning it at a very slow rate.

During higher-intensity work, your body turns to a limited supply of blood glycogen (often called blood sugar) for energy. While your body's burning glycogen during this more intense period, and not fat, it's breaking down more body tissue. Breakdown is a bad word for a good thing, because your body produces more hormones and increases its metabolism to repair this breakdown. As the tissue repairs itself, it builds more muscle so that next time you do a stressful workout it won't be so taxing. This process of adapting to intense exercise is where your body makes rapid change.

Continually building on this process is called progressive overload. By continually adapting to stress and then adding more (either with weight or speed or programs like Insanity), you increase your body's fitness so that it's actually burning body fat for fuel as you rest. Interval workouts should be a key component in every phase of your training.

Techie science made simple

Woman KickingAsked what separates serious and recreational athletes, author and fitness trainer Steve Ilg replied, "Intervals." But since "intervals" is an umbrella term for training that targets many different energy systems, it's quite a cryptic statement requiring further explanation. It's also pretty accurate. Recreational athletes like to train within their comfort zones. Interval training, regardless of the targeted intensity level, always forces you out of it. And you must be willing to leave your comfort zone if you want to see significant changes in your fitness level.

Interval levels can change dramatically. For example, HIIT (high-intensity interval training) workouts are very short, sometimes only lasting seconds, and completely anaerobic. Marathon runners will often run for 1- or 2-mile intervals, which can take many minutes and are obviously somewhat aerobic. The reason for the varying intensity of intervals is to train different energy systems in the body. These are defined by terms you may have heard of, AT (anaerobic threshold), VO2/max, etc. For our purposes, you don't need to know these terms. Here's the 101 version.

  • LSD. Not the hippie drug from the 60s, but rather long slow distance. This is not an interval; it's a term you're likely to hear especially if you know or are a runner or cyclist. Its purpose is for base-level aerobic conditioning. As I said above, it's not very applicable for making significant body changes, unless you do it for a very long time. Yet many trainers still recommend it. I think this is primarily because their clients won't complain about doing 30 minutes of easy exercise.

  • Sports-specific intervals. These can be anything, like the 2-mile example above. Interval training exists for all athletic endeavors. Since it's targeted for sports performance, we won't discuss it. You'll learn plenty about it when you join a local group to train for a triathlon or something else.

  • Debbie SiebersWeight training intervals. All weight training could be considered interval training, but traditionally, you rest so long between sets that you don't get a cumulative effect. All Beachbody weight training is done interval-style, which we call circuit training. During these workouts, you move from body part to body part without much rest between sets so that the workouts don't just target muscle building but also improve your cardiovascular fitness. Power 90® and Slim in 6® are good examples of this kind of training.

    What defines these circuits is your targeted number of repetitions. A low target using more weight will create muscular hypertrophy, or growth. A higher number limits muscle growth (you get some muscle growth) and gives you more cardiovascular improvement.

  • Cardio intervals. These are what most of you probably define as interval training. First, we must define the difference between cardio and aerobic. Cardio means heart, while aerobic means oxygen. Aerobic training is most easily defined by the word "easy." It's really defined by training below your anaerobic threshold, but we're dispensing with science talk. Cardio, however, is all training that affects the heart. So it can include aerobic training but also all the high-intensity training associated with intervals.

    High-intensity cardio intervals are performed in something we call heart rate training zones. Cardio intervals target these heart rate training zones for various periods of time. When you design your own interval workouts, you must do this yourself. When you have a trainer, he or she does it for you. This is why we at Beachbody always have test groups to make sure our workouts train you in your proper zone. That way, all you need to do is follow along.

MAX Intervals 'n' stuff

In general, the longer the interval, the easier the workout. Some interval sessions have long and moderate intervals with short aerobic breaks. Others have short, difficult intervals with long aerobic breaks. What makes Insanity's MAX Interval Training unique is that it combines long, hard intervals with short breaks.

Chalene JohnsonThe MAX Interval system is based on HIIT, though it's not HIIT. HIIT includes very short maximal intervals, followed by short breaks. It's very intense and also effective. Its downside is that it's so intense that your body can't do it for very long. You can generally only see good progress for 2 to 3 weeks at a time using HIIT workouts until you need to transition to a different type of training.

Conversely, a more traditional approach to interval training, like Turbo Jam®, that relies on various intensities of intervals (mainly moderate) can be done for very long periods of time before you need to change workouts. Your fitness improvements won't be as drastic, but they'll be steady.

With MAX Intervals, we lowered the intensity of HIIT just enough to keep the high-intensity format but to also increase the time during which you can make rapid improvements before needing a break. The result is a high-intensity interval training system that keeps yielding results for a long time before you need a transition.

How to incorporate intervals into your workout program

Like every other aspect of fitness, your starting point should be based on your current physical condition. If you aren't very fit, you'll want to start with a very basic interval program, which will still feel hard. Workouts like Slim in 6 Start It Up! or Power 90 Sweat Cardio 1–2 are perfect introductory interval sessions. If you're in doubt, start slow. It's easier to increase your workout's intensity than to go backward.

You never want to begin with HIIT or MAX Intervals, unless you've got a solid fitness base. This style of workout is so intense that you won't even be able to finish each workout, negating the whole interval aspect. And even if you do finish, training this hard out of the gate increases the risk of injury.

Intervals are the most effective way to see quick results from a workout program. If you're not doing them, add them right away. If you're already doing intervals, perhaps it's time to step up to the next level.

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Phase I - Check!
Phase II - In Progress!

Get ready to see my latest Pictures {Day 30} - But first listen to this!

Here I am reaching the end of week one in Phase II of my P90X Reloaded. Man oh man have I been bringing it! I told you in my various video updates that I had fallen a little slack in my first three weeks of Round II. Well, I think I made up for it and then some!

I started this phase with doubles in mind, the difference being is I add an additional 3 cardio workouts each week except the "recovery week"

The Classic P90X Workout Schedule was great for my first round of X considering I could hardly get through one workout, let alone follow up with Ab Ripper X. But now that I am a grad I require a little more to make me feel sufficiently worked. I have been called crazy by a few but I just consider myself an action taker =).

It's about pushing the limits beyond yourself every single day, going just that little but further, not letting yourself give in to soon. It's in pushing your boundaries a little more each time that makes you stronger, faster, and better in all areas. I'm not just talking fitness but life in general.
This is my favorite quote that I seem to live by:

"Complacency is Devastating"

Never get to comfortable and never settle for the ordinary - Always reach to be Extraordinary!

This is what my P90X workout schedule looked like this week and will end on in a day.

  • Mon: Interval X+ AM - Chest,Shoulder, Triceps and Ab Ripper X PM
  • Tue: Plyometrics
  • Wed: Cardio X AM - Back, Biceps and Ab Ripper X PM
  • Thu: Kenpo Cardio + (Missed Yoga)
  • Fri: *Rest Day (I ended up Excavating a sewer pipe for 4 hours - Beleive me, my body went through enough!)
  • Sat: Legs and Back AM - Kenpo X PM
  • Sun: Yoga X

So it's a little rearranged but I think you'll agree it's far from lazy! =)

Oh btw, I have something else very important to tell you!

I have created a training site and the home of what will be BetterBody90 Fit Club in the near future. Get Subscribed to BetterBody News on this page to hear more about Fit Club and how this can literally change your life!

Also, on Monday's I will offer free detailed training for how to be successful in Beachbody Coaching, or really any business. I will tell you my secrets and help you build your skill sets.

Jump over to http://www.jasoncroxford.com and get signed up there for weekly broadcast information and training resources to help you be successful! Whether you are a coach already or plan to be one, You have found your answer!

Jason Croxford aka Betterbody90
Independent Fitness / Life Coach
Fitness Blog: http://www.betterbody90.com
BetterBody90.TV: http://www.JasonCroxford.com
Skype "JasonCroxford"

Here are my P90X Reloaded Pics from Day 30:

Thought it was about time.

With several system locks up and crashes I am here to present you:
My P90X Transformation Results from Round One. I hope you enjoy this and maybe get a little (or a lot) of Inspiration and Motivation to Push Play.

Jason Croxford aka Betterbody90
Skype "JasonCroxford"
Phone "239-220-3529"

Are you serious!? 30 Day’s done already?

It can’t be so – But it is!

So Does P90X Work you ask? Read on to find out.

I have reached a pinnacle point once again in P90X. This time its “Reloaded” and I’m not taking it easy by any means. For those that have followed BetterBody News and my videos I have updated here and there about how I missed a workout or two and my weeks got all rearranged during weeks 1-3. Week 4 (Recovery Week) went well without interruption.

I have locked down and started yesterday with Phase II at 110%, I’m not messing around and I’m not going easy! I find myself wanting more these days after already being a P90X grad from the “Classic” program in Round 1. So I got thinking, “How can I mix this up and add intensity…” – Doubles of course! =)

Doubles you ask!?

Yes, that’s right I will be doing Doubles for Phase II and Phase III of Reloaded. For anyone that knows P90X you already know this stuff is not easy in “Classic”, try adding three additional cardio workouts each week!

I did over 2 hours of fitness yesterday (Monday, May 25th) with P90X+ Interval X Plus in the AM and then Chest, Shoulders, Triceps and Ab Ripper X in the PM. I’ll tell you what, by the end of the day I was tired and worked but not over worked. It actually went very well and I am pleased with my ability to get it done.

I went into the day with the mindset that no matter what I was going to complete my Doubles goal and that nothing would get in my way. Well, I did it and it was well worth it. I actually got to enjoy two P90X Recovery Drinks yesterday, one after the Intervals and then one after the PM workouts. So far this stuff really seems to hold up to its reputation. I love the flavor and quite literally it seems I recover faster and don’t feel as sore – Is it all in my head!?

I spent a good portion of today at the Beach in Fort Myer’s swimming in the Luke warm ocean (I think the Florida Ocean is filled with Bath Water – It’s unbelievably warm.) and basking in the sun attempting to get what I consider a tan. Unfortunately for me I don’t get very dark but at least I don’t mind showing off my “Beachbody” even if I am pale white=).

I am getting ready to do Plyometrics shortly and after Doubles yesterday, it should be a piece of cake (A healthy sugar free piece of cake!). Afterwards I will take my Day 30 pictures and post them up for all to see! With my diet being kind of shady during phase I and with missing a couple workouts here and there I don’t expect huge results yet.

However, in Phase II and Phase III with the addition of Doubles I know we can all expect some huge changes. On top of Doubles I am going to transition into the Beachbody Club Custom Meal Planner so I can give a solid and honest review of how well it works when you stick nearly 100% to the actual Beachbody Diet. Right now I do my own thing, it’s not bad, I eat very clean and Quality but I don’t always get enough.

So give me a week or so and I will get the groceries I need using the printable shopping list from the meal planner, then I can kick this stuff into super ultra high gear!

Check back tonight for some Day 30 Pictures!

P.S. Subscribe to BetterBody News to get weekly motivation and some insider Tips / Reviews. Plus I am working on something super secret that I will reveal in the next couple weeks or so. Actually I have a couple things in the process for you but those on BetterBody News will know first. No worries, I won’t spam you cause spam is not on the P90X Diet Plan =).

Jason Croxford aka BetterBody90
Independent Fitness/ Life Coach
Skype "JasonCroxford"
Phone "239-220-3529"