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Phase I - Check!
Phase II - In Progress!

Get ready to see my latest Pictures {Day 30} - But first listen to this!

Here I am reaching the end of week one in Phase II of my P90X Reloaded. Man oh man have I been bringing it! I told you in my various video updates that I had fallen a little slack in my first three weeks of Round II. Well, I think I made up for it and then some!

I started this phase with doubles in mind, the difference being is I add an additional 3 cardio workouts each week except the "recovery week"

The Classic P90X Workout Schedule was great for my first round of X considering I could hardly get through one workout, let alone follow up with Ab Ripper X. But now that I am a grad I require a little more to make me feel sufficiently worked. I have been called crazy by a few but I just consider myself an action taker =).

It's about pushing the limits beyond yourself every single day, going just that little but further, not letting yourself give in to soon. It's in pushing your boundaries a little more each time that makes you stronger, faster, and better in all areas. I'm not just talking fitness but life in general.
This is my favorite quote that I seem to live by:

"Complacency is Devastating"

Never get to comfortable and never settle for the ordinary - Always reach to be Extraordinary!

This is what my P90X workout schedule looked like this week and will end on in a day.

  • Mon: Interval X+ AM - Chest,Shoulder, Triceps and Ab Ripper X PM
  • Tue: Plyometrics
  • Wed: Cardio X AM - Back, Biceps and Ab Ripper X PM
  • Thu: Kenpo Cardio + (Missed Yoga)
  • Fri: *Rest Day (I ended up Excavating a sewer pipe for 4 hours - Beleive me, my body went through enough!)
  • Sat: Legs and Back AM - Kenpo X PM
  • Sun: Yoga X

So it's a little rearranged but I think you'll agree it's far from lazy! =)

Oh btw, I have something else very important to tell you!

I have created a training site and the home of what will be BetterBody90 Fit Club in the near future. Get Subscribed to BetterBody News on this page to hear more about Fit Club and how this can literally change your life!

Also, on Monday's I will offer free detailed training for how to be successful in Beachbody Coaching, or really any business. I will tell you my secrets and help you build your skill sets.

Jump over to http://www.jasoncroxford.com and get signed up there for weekly broadcast information and training resources to help you be successful! Whether you are a coach already or plan to be one, You have found your answer!

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Here are my P90X Reloaded Pics from Day 30:

Thought it was about time.

With several system locks up and crashes I am here to present you:
My P90X Transformation Results from Round One. I hope you enjoy this and maybe get a little (or a lot) of Inspiration and Motivation to Push Play.

Jason Croxford aka Betterbody90
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Are you serious!? 30 Day’s done already?

It can’t be so – But it is!

So Does P90X Work you ask? Read on to find out.

I have reached a pinnacle point once again in P90X. This time its “Reloaded” and I’m not taking it easy by any means. For those that have followed BetterBody News and my videos I have updated here and there about how I missed a workout or two and my weeks got all rearranged during weeks 1-3. Week 4 (Recovery Week) went well without interruption.

I have locked down and started yesterday with Phase II at 110%, I’m not messing around and I’m not going easy! I find myself wanting more these days after already being a P90X grad from the “Classic” program in Round 1. So I got thinking, “How can I mix this up and add intensity…” – Doubles of course! =)

Doubles you ask!?

Yes, that’s right I will be doing Doubles for Phase II and Phase III of Reloaded. For anyone that knows P90X you already know this stuff is not easy in “Classic”, try adding three additional cardio workouts each week!

I did over 2 hours of fitness yesterday (Monday, May 25th) with P90X+ Interval X Plus in the AM and then Chest, Shoulders, Triceps and Ab Ripper X in the PM. I’ll tell you what, by the end of the day I was tired and worked but not over worked. It actually went very well and I am pleased with my ability to get it done.

I went into the day with the mindset that no matter what I was going to complete my Doubles goal and that nothing would get in my way. Well, I did it and it was well worth it. I actually got to enjoy two P90X Recovery Drinks yesterday, one after the Intervals and then one after the PM workouts. So far this stuff really seems to hold up to its reputation. I love the flavor and quite literally it seems I recover faster and don’t feel as sore – Is it all in my head!?

I spent a good portion of today at the Beach in Fort Myer’s swimming in the Luke warm ocean (I think the Florida Ocean is filled with Bath Water – It’s unbelievably warm.) and basking in the sun attempting to get what I consider a tan. Unfortunately for me I don’t get very dark but at least I don’t mind showing off my “Beachbody” even if I am pale white=).

I am getting ready to do Plyometrics shortly and after Doubles yesterday, it should be a piece of cake (A healthy sugar free piece of cake!). Afterwards I will take my Day 30 pictures and post them up for all to see! With my diet being kind of shady during phase I and with missing a couple workouts here and there I don’t expect huge results yet.

However, in Phase II and Phase III with the addition of Doubles I know we can all expect some huge changes. On top of Doubles I am going to transition into the Beachbody Club Custom Meal Planner so I can give a solid and honest review of how well it works when you stick nearly 100% to the actual Beachbody Diet. Right now I do my own thing, it’s not bad, I eat very clean and Quality but I don’t always get enough.

So give me a week or so and I will get the groceries I need using the printable shopping list from the meal planner, then I can kick this stuff into super ultra high gear!

Check back tonight for some Day 30 Pictures!

P.S. Subscribe to BetterBody News to get weekly motivation and some insider Tips / Reviews. Plus I am working on something super secret that I will reveal in the next couple weeks or so. Actually I have a couple things in the process for you but those on BetterBody News will know first. No worries, I won’t spam you cause spam is not on the P90X Diet Plan =).

Jason Croxford aka BetterBody90
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I am still on a quest to answer - Does P90X Work? Only 68 more days to go!

It's nearly 2am...

But that didn't stop me from pushing play - I was faced with two options, I could skip my workout and just go to bed, or I could push my limits and dig deep into my will to succeed.

We are faced with this challenge every day - To Push Play or not. The Key to your success is over coming your thoughts that hold you back and finding that power within to complete your task.

I easily spent 3 hours in front of the TV today surfing pointless channels, melting my brain and becoming soft. I had little drive and focus - It took a lot of digging but I have overcome my laziness and Pushed Play. Today may be a little extreme because it got so late but my message is this.

Don't let yourself get in a rut - Working out really is not that challenging and it takes up a very small portion of the day. Yes it's hard to push yourself some days and stay focused but that's when you reach out to others for accountability.

I received an email today - It basically said that my videos and pushing play every day was this individuals reason for starting their own journey. This was a powerful message to me, how could I let this person down? It's not just about me because we are a community of people seeking better health and fitness.

It's amazing how empowering a simple email can be.

Push Play my friends and don't let yourself fall - Reach out. After all, Beachbody is people helping people to succeed.

Never let your dreams fade, never stop reaching for the stars, but most importantly never stop living life - It's this very gift we share that brings us together.

Hey - Jason (BetterBody90) here with an invite to anyone looking to change their lives.
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This week I am taking a little bit of a different approach. Instead of just telling you what Beachbody Coaching is, I'm going to tell you how to make it work!

You can learn all about the opportunity itself on the Team Fit Revolution call - I want to go beyond and tell you what I did to be a Success.

Tonight I will to talk about Mindset and becoming a Leader.

I wanted to send this asap because tonight is fast approaching. I apologize for the Short Notice!

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My goal is 100% time freedom, it's not even about the money. I want to be free to Explore, Travel, Meet new people, and all that good stuff. Live Life!

What's your goal?

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There are so many reasons to get involved. The best thing you can do is take action and get informed. That's why we do these calls and why I put myself out every day. Knowledge is power.

At the same time though don't keep waiting, get involved and start Branding "You" now!

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My friend, I will talk to you tonight - Until then do what you need to be successful. Take the action necessary! This stuff won't grow on it's own!

Alone we Try - Together We Succeed!

Independent Beachbody Emerald Coach
Jason Croxford aka Betterbody90
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74 Days left to answer the Questions - Does P90X Work?

Well it's been a little while since I made a progress update. Thanks ADHD! =)

I am on track though the first three weeks in my P90X Reloaded schedule got a little messed up. I got myself into a rut of missing workouts and missed a couple each week. This was mainly because I got myself so busy doing other things that I didn't leave time and energy for my exercise.

With that said, things have changed! As I always tell everyone else, "Take Responsibility for yourself and Take Action"! That's exactly what I am doing and it couldn't feel better.

I am back on track and have focused my energies where they need to be, my health and fitness. I have started to push my workouts earlier in the morning / afternoon, soon I hope to be working out by 8-9 am so I can be done before most people even start their day.

With the start of Phase 2 in less than two weeks I have decided I will start with Doubles. Instead of saying I am going to "Try", I am telling you that I am going to "Do".

Doubles will add 3 additional Cardio X Exercises to my P90X Workout Schedule in Phase 2 and 4 in Phase 3. This is extreme my friends and I can't wait to see how this goes.

I am working on my P90X Workout Schedule Work Sheet Scans from week two which I will post shortly.

Keep Pushing Play and Keep Taking Action! That is how you get results.

Does P90X Work? Stay Tuned and find out!

Independent Beachbody Emerald Coach
Jason Croxford aka Betterbody90
phone 239-220-3529
Skype jasoncroxford

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on 3:18 PM

Don't understand the P90X Workout Schedule?

No Worries!

I made this video to help those lost with the P90X Workout Schedule. This video will walk you through how to follow the program through each phase whether you do Classic, Doubles, or Lean.

So if your wondering, How Does P90X Work? Now you know :)

Watch the following video to understand the P90X Workout Schedule.

Independent Beachbody Emerald Coach
Jason Croxford aka BetterBody90
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Picture this: Unhealthy Computer Nerd with no Direction decides to answer the question - Does P90X Work. Ends up Ripped and Lean in only 90 Days!

Does P90X Work? The following words and pictures will answer that through my own experience. I can tell you though that if you are not willing and able to change your life then you might want to look elsewhere. But if you are ready to take action and take charge, P90X does work and you Will get in Incredible Shape!

I will reveal a brief story about where I came from before P90X and where I am now. Follow me.

I Thought it was about time I posted some more picture updates to show my current progress and to answer the question - Does P90X Work. But it wouldn't be very effective if I didn't show you where I started. The first series of pictures was me back in December 08 only 2 days after Pushing Play. I wasn't severely over weight but I was severely out of shape. I had spent the last four years previous playing World of Warcraft, staying up late, Drinking often, and just having no overall respect for my body.

The following photo's are what I had to show for 4 years of neglecting my health - Sure it was fun and I met some amazing people. But is this what I want to show my Friends and Family when I'm old? Absolutely not!

Below you will see my Before and current After Shots - Of course I am still pushing play so it only gets better, but this is how far I have come to date. So Does P90X Work? Read on and You Will See ;).

My Mage known by the name of Drackis - Once Ice then Arcane - Owner of 2v2 and Lord of Destruction =)

I felt like trash and was often sick because I was not eating healthy and spent 8-10 hours sitting at the computer daily. At this point I could hardly do 3-4 pull ups before being winded. I had tried doing Ab Ripper X before actually starting my 90 days of P90X - It was a joke. I spent more time flopping on the floor and wheezing than I did actually completing each move effectively.

Then one day it all came together - I decided it was time to take my Determination and Motivation into the Real World. It was time to do something for myself and share with others, it was time to stop dreaming and time to start living.

Success is only achieve through Doing - So Do It! P90X Does Work!

Pre-90X December 2008 Day 2

Day 4 of P90X Reloaded May 2009 - A Second Round Through! Notice the difference?

So my message is this - Stop wondering Does P90X Work and start doing! This is proof alone that P90X works and it doesn't matter when you start, it matters that You Do Start!

At the top and right of this blog you can purchase your own copy of P90X - All you need is the mindset to do it, push play every day, and finally get in shape!

P.S. If you go through this blog you will get me as your personal Coach to answer your questions and motivate you through your own journey. It's my turn to pay back to you what was given to me. Join Me!

Independent Beachbody Emerald Coach
Jason Croxford aka Betterbody90
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on 9:56 AM

My Friends here are my work sheets from P90X "Reloaded" Week One - I will once and for all answer the question, Does P90X Work?

Stay tuned because every week I will scan and upload my work sheet so you can watch my progress unfold. (+) Means I will increase weight or reps next time, (-) Means to decrease weight or Reps, and Circle with a Dash means to stay put for now. This is how I communicate to myself what I need to do next time. Your Work Sheets are Very Important to Your Success!

  • You can download your own sheets on the upper right hand of this Blog - No Excuses! :)

Independent Beachbody Emerald Coach
Jason Croxford aka BetterBody90
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