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74 Days left to answer the Questions - Does P90X Work?

Well it's been a little while since I made a progress update. Thanks ADHD! =)

I am on track though the first three weeks in my P90X Reloaded schedule got a little messed up. I got myself into a rut of missing workouts and missed a couple each week. This was mainly because I got myself so busy doing other things that I didn't leave time and energy for my exercise.

With that said, things have changed! As I always tell everyone else, "Take Responsibility for yourself and Take Action"! That's exactly what I am doing and it couldn't feel better.

I am back on track and have focused my energies where they need to be, my health and fitness. I have started to push my workouts earlier in the morning / afternoon, soon I hope to be working out by 8-9 am so I can be done before most people even start their day.

With the start of Phase 2 in less than two weeks I have decided I will start with Doubles. Instead of saying I am going to "Try", I am telling you that I am going to "Do".

Doubles will add 3 additional Cardio X Exercises to my P90X Workout Schedule in Phase 2 and 4 in Phase 3. This is extreme my friends and I can't wait to see how this goes.

I am working on my P90X Workout Schedule Work Sheet Scans from week two which I will post shortly.

Keep Pushing Play and Keep Taking Action! That is how you get results.

Does P90X Work? Stay Tuned and find out!

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