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on 8:30 AM

Where to Buy P90X

This question may arrise from time to time so I thought I would answer it for you. I recommend you pick up your copy of P90X directly through the Beach Body store - You will get a true 90 day 100% money back garauntee with your purchse (Less S&H) and if you decide to return for what ever reason you will still be able to keep Ab Ripper X and the complete Nutrition guide.

I have warned you in the past so I will say it again - You can get your copy from Ebay or other online auction sites However, be very wary of fraud, in some cases I have heard of people getting some burned copies of P90X, or not receiving the full package. Keep in mind when you order from Beach Body directly you get the entire Brand New package and you will be assigned your very own coach. When it comes to buying from anywhere else besides Beach Body - You have been warned.

Step 1: Click Here to visit the official Beachbody website (will open in a new window).

Step 2: Scroll down the page until you see the “P90X Extreme Training System”, and click the “Shop Now” button to the right.

Step 3: Click the “Join Now” button at the bottom to create your Beachbody shopping account.

Step 4: Simply add the items that you want to order from Beachbody to your cart, and click the “Checkout” button.

In addition to buying the P90X home fitness program, there are a few other things I recommend:

  1. Get Signed up in the Beachbody Club
  2. The P90X Chin Up Bar
  3. Push-Up Stands
  4. Heart Rate Monitor
  5. Yoga Mat
  6. Plyometrics Mat
  7. Yoga Blocks
  8. Resistance Bands or Dumbbell

All of the above items can be ordered directly from Beachbody at the same time as your P90X order is placed and they’ll ship together. Some of those items are optional, but highly recommended if you want to get the best results from this program.

on 8:20 PM

Hey everyone - Jason here.

I had to share this valuable info with you!

I just want to make a very important post about the Beachbody Club membership. Most importantly it comes with a 30 day Risk Free Trial.

The following will explain everything!

I overlooked the value of the membership for several months as I went through P90X and I want to help others to prevent them from making the same mistake. The benefits of the membership clearly outweigh the cost.

It's just about $40 quarterly, $13 monthly, or about .50 cents a day - Think about this when you purchase your next coffee for $2-4 each day. I use the coffee analogy because I had this epiphany when in line at Starbucks for my latest Coffee Fix. Granted I shouldn't be going to Starbucks anyway because let's face it, their coffee is not the healthiest thing to consume, however I do very well with my diet which in turn allows me to justify a small sacrifice :).

Now in comparison of the cost I spent on the coffee I could easily pay for my Beachbody Club dues. Think about what you get - 10% off on all retail purchases, this is absolutely incredible because you will be making purchases all the time for your supplements.

Why not save 10%, over time this is huge!

You will also get a personalized meal plan available to you, for you. How incredible is that? No more wondering what to eat and being able to modify your plan when things go a little off track - You know what I mean.

You will also get the chance to win the $300 daily prize when you enter your workouts in WOWY, all you have to do is log your workout and you will automatically be entered!

On top of everything else you will get hands on connection with all of the personal trainers - Ask questions, get answers!

Are you beginning to see the magic here?

10% on all Beachbody related purchases

A personalized meal plan

Connect with all the top trainers

Get your very own personal coach (Me! )

and More...

If you are really serious, really serious, Really Serious about achieving your weight loss and fitness goals - Get in the Beachbody Club.

If you pay monthly for your local gym but don't use it - Cancel it and start investing where it matters, in your future.

If you go to McDonald's daily - Stop! Start investing towards your Club Membership

If you get Coffee daily - Stop! Make it at home, it's so much better that way... Then get your membership!

If you don't see the value in what I am saying then you are probably not truly committed to your success! You need to accept your new life, you need to find ways to keep yourself connected, you need to find ways to stay accountable, you need to forget your old self and accept your new self.

I will be here for you every step of the way - I will be your coach if you are ready to help yourself.

If you can't help yourself then how can I help you?

If you are ready for change - Get in the Club Today!

Simply go to my Blog and Click "Join the Club - Maximize Your Results" on the right.

Together we will reach Success!


To You and Your Future


aka Betterbody90

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The video will explain it all - Get ChaLean and join the Team Revolution March 17th of 09!

aka Betterbody90

on 8:53 AM
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Wow so I feel like my poor blog is getting neglected. For those that have been following I am very sorry for the lack of content. I know I update here and there but not enough, I got myself so spread out that I started to slow what I was doing here.
That is going to change now!

So I am on the last weeks of P90X and things are winding down. I need some more weights and motivation. I spent a week with the flu and that pretty much derailed my efforts, though definitely not for good. There is really no way in hell I could let one week of being off track take away from my over all goal to be in the best shape of my life.
This a point in life where things are going alright and I could either keep going or let it have the best of me and fall apart. Money is a little tight and my motivation is teetering. The thing is though, life comes at you, it's the people that look life in the face and realize they can't control it but they can position it that make it. Life happens, thing's happen, you can't control everything. All you can do is bounce back even stronger, learn from everything and keep going, understand that you control your own destiny and start shaping!
I know myself to well, I have been here before. So what's the difference from last time and this time? Well, I am going to push back and dig down - I refuse to fall backwards!
Everything I want is already in front of me - Life itself is a good enough gift that one should be happy with. Death can teach you the greatest lesson you could ever learn, here today gone tomorrow. The only thing that you can bring to death is your heart, not possessions, not money, not land, not past experiences. Nothing is going to change the inevitable, we all face the very same end result in this fragile life. But you have control over your own circumstances, everything that happens to you is because of you. Understand this and you will understand a lot more about your life.

You are truly in control, if things are not going well it's because you are allowing it to be that way.

I have the potential to be in abundance, so don't you, so doesn't a bum on the street. First you must learn that you have everything you already need regardless of where you live or what possessions you own. We are human and obviously strive to have all the money, power, and possessions that we can get. It's human nature. But the fact that you breath air in and out of your lungs everyday is simply the most powerful gift you could ever have, life itself is power.
Now that you have life, you will have success. It really is that easy, everything else is just clock work.

Seize today my friends and live in the Now, not what you had, not where you want to be, live NOW!

I will be updating daily to several times a week again in my blog - Round 2 of P90X is quickly approaching me, diet is my key focus this time through. Expect some serious muscle mass, I do ;). On top of a refined and consistent diet I will be adding some heavier weights to my workout, I really plan to challenge the 8-10 rep rule. Form is key!

Talk to you all soon!

aka betterbody90

on 6:55 AM

P90X day 77 Today!

I just recovered from a very nasty flu - I really haven't been that miserable in awhile physically speaking. It was all body ache and a non-stop headache that persisted through day and night. Some night's were sleepless because nothing was comfortable. Hell, even taking a shower hurt (I still did though lol).

After missing 3 workouts in my finals weeks of the X in round 1 I am back on track and ready to go. This week was a little messed in the way I worked out and the routines that I did. When I started to get ill I couldn't do my Kenpo because I thought I was just over tired. So I moved that into my rest day and just went through the motions. I then missed chest and back the following day and also Ab ripper. Then I missed the following day which was Plyo. On my Shoulders and Arms day I was starting to feel a little better or so I thought, I completed Chest and Back plus Ab Ripper. After coming home from work I realized I had over done it and had a terrible night, the next day I was feeling very ill and missed Friday.

I guess it just took that one more day to rest because on Sat I woke feeling alright and pushed into my shoulders and arms rather than legs and back. Everything went smooth and I followed up with Ab Ripper.

Now today is Kenpo and I am back where I left off last week, I am doing Kenpo and normally scheduled and plan for week 12 to be fully on track!

Stay Tuned!


aka betterbody90


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on 11:41 AM

Just a quick post with my latest VLog!

on 12:22 PM

Nothing to in depth but I wanted to tell you all that I am still on track with P90X - Just completed day 68 week 10 and will be publishing a progress video tonight. I talk about some stuff over the past couple phases including diet, techniques, and nutrition. Check it out!


aka betterbody90


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Slightly over due but here it is never-the-less

60 Days of P90X

I am going to show you my 60 days Measurements and Pictures - But first...

When I started this program I had little idea what was in store for me - I figured I would just jump right back into peak physical shape within 2 weeks like I had been years ago. It wasn't until I completed day 1 that I realized how much work this was really going to be! I say this not to scare the P90X Newbie but to help you understand that this is real, intense, serious work. P90X is not for the faint of heart or those looking to get a quick easy workout in their life. P90X is your new life, it requires time and it requires patience - my favorite aspect of P90X is that it's not a bunch of heavy weights but more over its using your own body weight and abilities to increase your physical fitness. You bring what you can every workout and things can and will inevitably get better as long as you continue to bring it consistently.

My first two weeks were spent in a lot of pain - Lets call this "good pain" - but it was pain regardless. I could hardly get in and out of my car without bellowing like an old man that hasn’t worked out in 40 years – for the record I am 24 years old. I was stiff and I was hurting without a doubt. I think I may have brought it to much during my first couple days - I had the mindset that I was going to blow this P90X thing out of the water and keep up with the pro's in a
matter of one week. To my satisfaction hat was not the case, it's really not that easy! I love a good physical challenge and P90X does not hold short on providing.

It was around my day 30 that I really started to see and feel the extreme results - My diet was really rough and spotty throughout the first two weeks so that may have contributed to my slow start. I had days where I would eat nearly perfect and days where I would go without eating anything; this was mainly due to my work schedule at the time. But once I started into my second phase of P90X I started to reach a balance or equilibrium in my diet. I increased my protein intake and began to supplement with Creatine - Not that this is something you have to do but it is something I have always done when attempting to build muscle. After all my entire goal with P90X was to get into great shape but also to bulk up a bit. I am what many consider a "hard gainer" and I want to prove that P90X can help even the little guy pack on muscle and get a ripped lean looking body in those wonderful 90 days!

Upon reaching my 60 days I am now 2/3 through my first phase of the program and I can honestly say I haven’t felt this good in a long, long, long time. I wasn't in this shape when I swam, ran track, and lifted regularly back in high school. Mainly because all for mentioned activities were sparse and spread out - I never understood the direct correlation between resistance training and aerobic exercise as one unit. P90X does an amazing job with mixing all needed elements to get your body into peak shape. With a proper diet and a consistent workout routine there is no way in my mind that P90X can't work – It is simply the tool to get in shape, You must accept the challenge and bring it consistently to get results.

I began Phase 3 week 9 with doubles (adding Cardio X in addition to the regular schedule 4 days a week). I am going to tell you that was the most intense week I had - It will leave you feeling absolutely fit but the problem I have is the time requirements - You must have 2-3 hours on the double days to devote to P90X. I have that time but my unstructured days make it difficult, that is something I am working on and I hope after taking a singles week in week 10 I can go back to doubles for weeks 11 and 12. Obviously I will let you know and tell you what to expect!

I am going to part with you today with my pictures of day 60 and my current measurements - I do need to note that unfortunately I do not have the same camera and therefore the picture quality has suffered drastically. But never-the-less I promised some pictures so here they are.

Day 1 and Day 60 measurements:

Chest Waste Hips Thighs Arms
Day 1 38" 33" 35.5" 22.5" 12.5"
Day 60 38.5" 31.5" 35" 21.5" 13.5"
Results +.5" -1.5" -.5" -1" +1"

on 9:17 PM

I have been working on a 60 day update and will be posting soon - A few things you can expect.

*60 Day measurements

*60 Day pictures

*A review from 1-60

*Plans for the final 30 days of round one

P90x has been amazing so far and I would recommend it to anyone, the program truly is life changing. My body has gone through amazing transformation over the last 60 days even though I was not in terrible shape to start. The visual results are great but the overall physical and well being are astounding. I feel like I did back in High School!

I am proud to be a Coach for Beachbody because they truly believe in the success of each individual. It's a personal battle you must fight to complete such a task as P90X, but when you are complete you will feel the greatest accomplishment you could ever manifest! Change begins with you and takes place with a series of challenges but more over, an undying will to persevere!

Stay Tuned.

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on 9:08 AM

It is very simple to get involved with this Game - Just simply get your membership with Beachbody by following the link on the right hand side of this page - You can sign up for Free to access WOWY OR for less than the cost of your coffee a day you can have a Value Packed paid membership! Ask me how

on 8:45 PM

Nearly completed reading "The Untethered Soul" by Michael Singer today - My quest towards self awareness becomes deeper and deeper every passing day. To think a couple months ago I couldn't concentrate on a book long enough to read the Intro - Now I have so much focus I read a book in half a day, the path towards enlightenment is extreme and powerful.

I completed my Yoga X today for my P90X journey which went hand in hand with the reading I completed. I have to say that was the most intense body/mind experience I've had so far. I feel an overall sense of peace as I write this - Physically and Spiritually.

Tomorrow is day 57 of P90X and Marks the start of Phase 3! I intend to bring 110% to each and every workout, this last phase will really define the last 56 days for me - I am going to lift slightly bigger weights and try my best to incorporate Doubles (Cardio X added to Tue/Thur/Sat routines which include Ab X and resistance training)

Stay Tuned for 60 day pictures, measurements, and finally a 90 finally time lapse video.

I provided a quick walk-through today to help guide those new to P90X into the Free WOWY (Work Out With You) Online Gym so you can stay accountable daily, workout with friends, and enter the daily $300 drawing.

Here it is:

The Direct Link:


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