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on 8:20 PM

Hey everyone - Jason here.

I had to share this valuable info with you!

I just want to make a very important post about the Beachbody Club membership. Most importantly it comes with a 30 day Risk Free Trial.

The following will explain everything!

I overlooked the value of the membership for several months as I went through P90X and I want to help others to prevent them from making the same mistake. The benefits of the membership clearly outweigh the cost.

It's just about $40 quarterly, $13 monthly, or about .50 cents a day - Think about this when you purchase your next coffee for $2-4 each day. I use the coffee analogy because I had this epiphany when in line at Starbucks for my latest Coffee Fix. Granted I shouldn't be going to Starbucks anyway because let's face it, their coffee is not the healthiest thing to consume, however I do very well with my diet which in turn allows me to justify a small sacrifice :).

Now in comparison of the cost I spent on the coffee I could easily pay for my Beachbody Club dues. Think about what you get - 10% off on all retail purchases, this is absolutely incredible because you will be making purchases all the time for your supplements.

Why not save 10%, over time this is huge!

You will also get a personalized meal plan available to you, for you. How incredible is that? No more wondering what to eat and being able to modify your plan when things go a little off track - You know what I mean.

You will also get the chance to win the $300 daily prize when you enter your workouts in WOWY, all you have to do is log your workout and you will automatically be entered!

On top of everything else you will get hands on connection with all of the personal trainers - Ask questions, get answers!

Are you beginning to see the magic here?

10% on all Beachbody related purchases

A personalized meal plan

Connect with all the top trainers

Get your very own personal coach (Me! )

and More...

If you are really serious, really serious, Really Serious about achieving your weight loss and fitness goals - Get in the Beachbody Club.

If you pay monthly for your local gym but don't use it - Cancel it and start investing where it matters, in your future.

If you go to McDonald's daily - Stop! Start investing towards your Club Membership

If you get Coffee daily - Stop! Make it at home, it's so much better that way... Then get your membership!

If you don't see the value in what I am saying then you are probably not truly committed to your success! You need to accept your new life, you need to find ways to keep yourself connected, you need to find ways to stay accountable, you need to forget your old self and accept your new self.

I will be here for you every step of the way - I will be your coach if you are ready to help yourself.

If you can't help yourself then how can I help you?

If you are ready for change - Get in the Club Today!

Simply go to my Blog and Click "Join the Club - Maximize Your Results" on the right.

Together we will reach Success!


To You and Your Future


aka Betterbody90

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Barbie said...

Jason, You are the BEST COACH and inspiration EVER! I'm on Day 5 of Power 90, and your Energy and Attitude inspired me to get my Butt going again! Thanks Jason!!