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on 8:45 PM

Nearly completed reading "The Untethered Soul" by Michael Singer today - My quest towards self awareness becomes deeper and deeper every passing day. To think a couple months ago I couldn't concentrate on a book long enough to read the Intro - Now I have so much focus I read a book in half a day, the path towards enlightenment is extreme and powerful.

I completed my Yoga X today for my P90X journey which went hand in hand with the reading I completed. I have to say that was the most intense body/mind experience I've had so far. I feel an overall sense of peace as I write this - Physically and Spiritually.

Tomorrow is day 57 of P90X and Marks the start of Phase 3! I intend to bring 110% to each and every workout, this last phase will really define the last 56 days for me - I am going to lift slightly bigger weights and try my best to incorporate Doubles (Cardio X added to Tue/Thur/Sat routines which include Ab X and resistance training)

Stay Tuned for 60 day pictures, measurements, and finally a 90 finally time lapse video.

I provided a quick walk-through today to help guide those new to P90X into the Free WOWY (Work Out With You) Online Gym so you can stay accountable daily, workout with friends, and enter the daily $300 drawing.

Here it is:

The Direct Link:


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