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It's 11:11 am

So many things have changed and so many things are fast approaching, I could easily become stressed and simply fall out of my goals. But I will not let this happen, my goals have become so real to me that I won't stop until they exist in my reality.

Today is Stretch X and I am excited for the relaxation this will provide, actually this will be my first time completing the workout. It seems every time before I have missed, my rest days are days off and my first rest week got a little hectic and messed up, which resulted in me not doing either Stretch X (Check my previous blog entries for the story).

I will be following up tonight or tomorrow with an update as to how everything went, since this is my first time through Stretch X I'm sure I will have lots to say.

For those of you getting into P90X I want to welcome you, this will be a journey unlike anything you have done before. My advice would be to accept your goals, live them everyday - I don't mean day dream and think what you want to be but, dream and Know You Are What You Want To Be!

Think about it, in your past when you accomplished things that seemed almost impossible or at least improbable. Before you achieved anything, didn't you spend hours a day and night thinking about what it would be like to be that person, or to have that possession?
I know out of personal experience that this is true - Growing up I was a skinny little kid, I stayed active and always had crazy adventures. As I got to the age of 9 years old I began to put on weight, soon I "ballooned" into an obese child shopping for clothes in the "Chunky" section. I was so unhappy with myself.

I was home schooled and had little self confidence, this also included very little skills when it came to interacting with others. I always dreamed of being someone special, someone that changed the world, someone that everyone knew with positive demeanor.
But I continued to over eat, get little exercise, and put very little investment in myself. By the age of 14 I injured my hip while bowling, I was attempting to throw a curve ball and while pivoting I actually slipped the top of my hip bone out of alignment (Slipped Capital Femoral Epiphysis). After going to the doctor and getting X-Rays I was told that this happens in overweight children do to soft cartilage that would eventually harden towards the end of puberty.
It was this instance in my life that I realized things had to change. From this point I became mad at myself and every day I envisioned my hip problem going away as though it never happened. I took it easy on my hip so it would not slip any further, it was that or get a pin inserted that would completely halt the growth of my left leg while my right leg continued. At one point in my life I actually rode in a wheel chair all around Disney World and walked with crutches to avoid further injury.
Once I reached the age of 15 things changed and my hip was solid, from this point I realized I could not live the life I had been living. I became obsessed with losing weight, I dieted every day, ran, rode my bike, blue berry raked (I'm from Maine Originally), and did whatever I could to put my body through intense work. I had almost become mad at myself and disgusted with myself for being who I was, all I could do is think of who I wanted to be and put myself in that mind set every day. Eventually the weight started to melt away and by the time I was 16 I had gone from 180lbs and a 36" waist down to 105lbs and a 28" waist.
Believe me I've done it all, I've dieted the right way, and I've also starved myself, and I've binged, I've designed my own programs, I've even pushed myself to near heat exhaustion because my will overpowered my senses.
My point to you is that no matter who you are, if you look at my pictures and see a skinny little white kid, I want you to understand that I am the way I am because I worked for it! I have the faith in you that you can do it too, you just have to accept who you want to be!

The point behind my story is that anyone can do anything if you have the right vision and the motivation to accept your new being. I will be glad to go into more detail for you if you would like to know more, my life is an open book, my body has gone from one extreme to the other and I would be glad to share my past with you.

P90X is my tool to get back the life I once had, the point at which I was in peak physical condition, and the point where I felt on top of the world. If you are overweight and want to lose it, I have been there and I understand. I fought through injury and my own internal demons to become a strong willed, passionate, and confident person. You can do it too!

P90X is a way to get there, with community support, a coach, and your personal drive there is nothing that can stop you now!

That is why I'm proud to call myself a Beachbody Coach, I can give back to those struggling with their own problems that need the support to push forward.

Do yourself a favor, picture the person you want to be, keep that imagine deep within your soul every day and every where you go. Live as though you are already that person, do the work everyday, eat clean everyday, and live without worry because, You Are already that person!

Your Coach
Jason Croxford