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Ok, I just wanted to make a quick update right now - Expect a full 30 day review complete with pictures, comments, perhaps a video, etc. later tonight!

I completed Ab X and Shoulders/Back/Triceps last night. I started around 7:30 p.m. and completed near 9 p.m. I had just enough time to spare before joining a Scheduled Webinar for my Online Business Endeavors -But that's a whole separate blog! (Check it out... http://jasoncroxford.blogspot.com )

Wow! The work outs went very smooth and I brought it hard. Ab X couldn't keep up with Me. Well maybe that's a slight exaggeration but it was a million times easier than day one!
Nothing new to report expect the fact I can really feel Ab X working. I'm so much stronger in the core and have no problem bringing it! I completed the ENTIRE Mason Twist routine without putting my feet down! I think that's a first. Usually I end up breaking half way through or crossing my feet to keep my legs up - But not anymore!

Chest, Shoulders, and Triceps:

I absolutely Love this video. Its nitty-gritty and really makes you work. There are no repeat exercises, you just pump one out after the other. *You don't use a chin-up bar at all in this one! It's plain and simple resistance training with and without weight. I did find that I need to invest in some 5 lb weights for the weighted circles - Yeah Yeah Yeah you thinking 5lbs, what a pansy! Well folks it's all about Perfect Form and Doing Your Best. If your just getting back into physical fitness after years off like me then you will know exactly what I mean when you try that set!

As I type this update I want to note how sore I am! No, not a bad sore - But a really good sore! I feel very accomplished and burnt though I still have yet to do Plyometrics today.

*Wow it is note worthy to say - Though this has no relevance to my update - It just got very dark here at my computer. I love Florida for the bright sunshine and then Sudden switch to black rainy clouds out of Nowhere!

Looks like We're in for a storm!

Stay tuned for my Complete 30 Day Review tonight!


Anonymous said...

5 pounds is HARD enough doing thos circle movies.
after like 30 seconds of that, i definitely feel my arms sore and tired

Jason Croxford Inc. said...

HaHa Oh man you better believe it!
The lightest weight I had was 10 lbs and I thought my arms were going to rip off at the shoulder. I took breaks just so I could keep my form up.
It's best to have the Right weight so you can complete the exercise - Then have the wrong weight and struggle to keep your form!