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on 9:01 PM

This is going to be short and sweet. I just finished Yoga X as promised to you AND Myself. I didn't start until nearly 11:30pm so It's already Midnight and I'll be heading to bed soon.

There is no video to follow as I don't have much to report. I bought a bunch of groceries tonight and I am excited to add some more variety to my daily diet!

Yoga X went better than ever so far... Warrior 4 still knocks me down but It's getting a little more stable each time.

Have a great night everyone!


David said...

I tried Yoga and I must say... It is a tough beast.
The first time I did it, my god, the warrior pose and the other ridiculuous stretches really made me sore AND exhausted

good luck to ur journey =]

btw, will u post ur 30 day pics?

Anthony said...

I was just wondering, but in your P90X plan, are you doing any extra cardio or just the ones in the program (kenpo, plyo, and yoga)?

Jason Croxford Inc. said...

Yoga certainly is like nothing I've ever done before! I've never had great flexibility in my legs so it's a challenge.
I had a hip injury when I was 13-14 years (Slipped Femoral Epithesis) so my legs don't line up the way they should. I don't notice to much of an issue but just thought I'd share an obstacle.
Absolutely, I will be posting 30 day pictures/ measurements/ thoughts/ etc. in a day 30 round up this evening! I'll probably do a quick 30 day review video to explain what I've done over the last 30 days.
Keep checking back :)

Jason Croxford Inc. said...

Great question! Currently I stick pretty close to Just the P90X cardio during the scheduled times. Every once in awhile I'll do some extra stuff like air boxing, going for a walk, jumping around(I'm a caffeine addict!), etc. I don't really go outside the box though.

I'll be honest, the p90x routine itself is enough. I'm doing classic and for the first 30 days I did all I could to keep up!

Phase 2 has begun as of yesterday and I seem to be able to blow through Ab X, Kenpo, Plyo, etc. BIG change from the first Phase of struggling to keep my form.