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Hello my friends

I have come to you today to show you my day 2-46 progress video - This is a time lapse progression so you can see what P90X can do for you!

"I did not take pictures every single day but I did take enough so you can truly see progression"

The following video is 1/2 the journey of the rest of my life -You can do this too!

I didn't do anything special, I didn't kill myself, I didn't lift 100lbs, I just did!

In a moment I will show you my video.

Push play my friends! That is truly all you have to do - Of course you need to eat healthy too!

  • Do you want to start but don't know how?
  • Do you need suggestions on where to buy?
  • Do you think you can't do it?
  • Do you have questions about what foods to eat?

I'll help you! I am a Beachbody Coach and I am here for you. Don't struggle - Ask questions, get answers!

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And now without further delay:

Ask me How.

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Anonymous said...

I havent yet started on any exercise with P90X, but I would like to start to get in shape for my 50th birthday which will be May of this year. I dont know how possible it is to get a six pack by then since my waste is now 42 but I am willing to do my workout to achieve my goal. I dont know if this is allowed but I would like to know if someone can reach me at pothy2002@yahoo.ca and give me some tips on what to do and what diet to start since I am not eating healthy right now.