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I may not be able to breath out my nose but I can still Bring it!

I completed Day 37 of my P90X journey this afternoon - My workout was Plyometrics. My heart rate stayed at a consistent 160-165bpm throughout the workout and everything felt pretty good or at least at good as it could for me being sick. I completed each set though I stumbled a little during the jump squats. I'm a little sore from Chest and Shoulders plus the cold has been throwing me off.

I didn't go into the workout with as much ambition and stamina as usually due to my cold, but the key factor is that I brought it never-the-less. There are some days that Will Be harder than others - Bring whatever you can and you will get results. Don't make excuses, stay accountable, and stay driven!

You have a long term goal here - Long term goals take time to achieve.

I could easily just say, "I have a cold and therefore I am going to take the day off" but I didn't! Do what you can when you can, if you feel 150% then bring 160%, if you feel 75% then bring 85%. Do what you can - Just don't give up!

I've been there before, wanting something but not actually being ready to accept what I had to do to get it. We all get there at some point in our lives, it doesn't matter who you are. What does matter is that you put that behind you, accept what it is that you have to do and do it, regardless!

I'm a P90X coach:

My next post will be all about Team Beachbody coaching. Here are a few highlights to expect:

  • Who I am and Why I am a coach (There will be a Vblog)
  • How helping yourself can help others
  • Get in shape and make a living all at the same time
  • Why you should be a coach
  • How to become a coach and be a leader!

Stay tuned...