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I have just completed Ab Ripper X as well as Chest/Shoulders/Triceps - What a rush. My cold didn't hold me back! I may not be able to breath out my nose but that doesn't stop me from Bringing it! Keep that in mind for yourself - There is no good excuse unless you're otherwise injured or deathly ill. Don't let a little something get in your way towards Success!

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I thought it would be good to add a little note. I was just thinking the other day about how crazy it was for me to finish Ab Ripper X AND a main set in one day. It didn't matter how much time in between, that crap use to kill me! Now on week 6 it's a walk in the park - I wanted to leave you with this thought.
Keep going, it only gets easier - What you couldn't do in Week 1 and Week 2 will be cake in Week 4 and Week 5. I just can't imagine week 12+!


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Matt Skalecki said...

I'm following your blog, because I have similar goals (add energy, lean muscle, and functional strength) for when my P90x arrives.

Your 30 results are exactly the type of thing I'm hoping for. You gained two pounds while cutting all of your measurements. That screams added lean muscle, which is exactly what I'm looking for.

Getting sufficient protein intake is probably going to be the key here. No more being lazy and consuming all may calories as carbs just because I can mostly get away with it.

Thanks for the motivation to start. Keep ripping it up.

Anonymous said...

i'm really curious about the ab ripper thing... last night was our first time doing it. It seems awfully advanced and i felt like a noodle flopping around. Did you have a hard time at the get go or were you actually able to do soe of those exercises? Cause i'm just wondering how bad i really am and if i'll be able to pull the ab ripper off at some point.

Jason Croxford Inc. said...

@Matt Thanks for following along - I'm doing P90X exactly for lean muscle and to add some bulk. I want to prove P90X works for the little guy too! I'll be posting some 45 day pictures and measurements when the time comes. Protein is key - You can find some helpful videos on protein shortly, I'm working on a couple projects that I will be posting.

Stay tuned!

Keep Pushing Play!

Jason Croxford Inc. said...

@Cara hahah funny that you mention Ab Ripper X, I was just thinking about it!

Yes, I flopped around like a wet noodle the first 2 weeks - I could hardly keep up. I jerked around, moaned and groaned, fell over, etc. It's not easy but stick with it and you will be a pro! I noticed big improvement in Week 5+.

Do what you can but don't sacrifice form to get an extra rep - You could easily strain your next or back.

Keep Pushing Play!