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  • This is going to be very quick as I don't have much time before work.

Day 31: Quick Update

I did my Ab X and Back-Biceps yesterday on schedule. Both went great and I had nothing new to report. Back-Bicep was a new one for me and it was full of some refreshing moves and some classics, no repeat sets in this one! Ab X was Ab X - I do need to get a better mat as I've noticed I feel like I'm working out directly on the floor during some of the moves. Being uncomfortable is never really fun when your trying to bring it.

Day 32: Yoga X

I am about to do my Yoga X and I expect some great results. Warrior three will probably still challenge me - But I'm ready and feeling very energized today! I only had 7 hours of sleep (I like to get 8-9) but I sprung out of bed this morning almost like I had taken an espresso shot in my sleep! Love those mornings! :)

I'll be at work all day today so that's why I'm throwing in a "Pre-Update" - Tomorrow or Sunday I will be adding some new video content. I have a 30 day video and will have at least one more update video from day 32 or 33.