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on 6:55 AM

P90X day 77 Today!

I just recovered from a very nasty flu - I really haven't been that miserable in awhile physically speaking. It was all body ache and a non-stop headache that persisted through day and night. Some night's were sleepless because nothing was comfortable. Hell, even taking a shower hurt (I still did though lol).

After missing 3 workouts in my finals weeks of the X in round 1 I am back on track and ready to go. This week was a little messed in the way I worked out and the routines that I did. When I started to get ill I couldn't do my Kenpo because I thought I was just over tired. So I moved that into my rest day and just went through the motions. I then missed chest and back the following day and also Ab ripper. Then I missed the following day which was Plyo. On my Shoulders and Arms day I was starting to feel a little better or so I thought, I completed Chest and Back plus Ab Ripper. After coming home from work I realized I had over done it and had a terrible night, the next day I was feeling very ill and missed Friday.

I guess it just took that one more day to rest because on Sat I woke feeling alright and pushed into my shoulders and arms rather than legs and back. Everything went smooth and I followed up with Ab Ripper.

Now today is Kenpo and I am back where I left off last week, I am doing Kenpo and normally scheduled and plan for week 12 to be fully on track!

Stay Tuned!


aka betterbody90


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