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on 8:53 AM
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Wow so I feel like my poor blog is getting neglected. For those that have been following I am very sorry for the lack of content. I know I update here and there but not enough, I got myself so spread out that I started to slow what I was doing here.
That is going to change now!

So I am on the last weeks of P90X and things are winding down. I need some more weights and motivation. I spent a week with the flu and that pretty much derailed my efforts, though definitely not for good. There is really no way in hell I could let one week of being off track take away from my over all goal to be in the best shape of my life.
This a point in life where things are going alright and I could either keep going or let it have the best of me and fall apart. Money is a little tight and my motivation is teetering. The thing is though, life comes at you, it's the people that look life in the face and realize they can't control it but they can position it that make it. Life happens, thing's happen, you can't control everything. All you can do is bounce back even stronger, learn from everything and keep going, understand that you control your own destiny and start shaping!
I know myself to well, I have been here before. So what's the difference from last time and this time? Well, I am going to push back and dig down - I refuse to fall backwards!
Everything I want is already in front of me - Life itself is a good enough gift that one should be happy with. Death can teach you the greatest lesson you could ever learn, here today gone tomorrow. The only thing that you can bring to death is your heart, not possessions, not money, not land, not past experiences. Nothing is going to change the inevitable, we all face the very same end result in this fragile life. But you have control over your own circumstances, everything that happens to you is because of you. Understand this and you will understand a lot more about your life.

You are truly in control, if things are not going well it's because you are allowing it to be that way.

I have the potential to be in abundance, so don't you, so doesn't a bum on the street. First you must learn that you have everything you already need regardless of where you live or what possessions you own. We are human and obviously strive to have all the money, power, and possessions that we can get. It's human nature. But the fact that you breath air in and out of your lungs everyday is simply the most powerful gift you could ever have, life itself is power.
Now that you have life, you will have success. It really is that easy, everything else is just clock work.

Seize today my friends and live in the Now, not what you had, not where you want to be, live NOW!

I will be updating daily to several times a week again in my blog - Round 2 of P90X is quickly approaching me, diet is my key focus this time through. Expect some serious muscle mass, I do ;). On top of a refined and consistent diet I will be adding some heavier weights to my workout, I really plan to challenge the 8-10 rep rule. Form is key!

Talk to you all soon!

aka betterbody90


Matt Skalecki said...

Have you considered following your first round of P90X with a period using a program with heavy compound lifts, less volume, more recovery time, and more calories? Then later another round of P90X (or Plus, or some hybrid) would lean you out again, but with more muscle.

Jason Croxford said...

Absolutely - I will actually be doing ChaLean starting March 17th. I am going to be purchasing some much heavier weights so I can get size I desire.