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Picture this: Unhealthy Computer Nerd with no Direction decides to answer the question - Does P90X Work. Ends up Ripped and Lean in only 90 Days!

Does P90X Work? The following words and pictures will answer that through my own experience. I can tell you though that if you are not willing and able to change your life then you might want to look elsewhere. But if you are ready to take action and take charge, P90X does work and you Will get in Incredible Shape!

I will reveal a brief story about where I came from before P90X and where I am now. Follow me.

I Thought it was about time I posted some more picture updates to show my current progress and to answer the question - Does P90X Work. But it wouldn't be very effective if I didn't show you where I started. The first series of pictures was me back in December 08 only 2 days after Pushing Play. I wasn't severely over weight but I was severely out of shape. I had spent the last four years previous playing World of Warcraft, staying up late, Drinking often, and just having no overall respect for my body.

The following photo's are what I had to show for 4 years of neglecting my health - Sure it was fun and I met some amazing people. But is this what I want to show my Friends and Family when I'm old? Absolutely not!

Below you will see my Before and current After Shots - Of course I am still pushing play so it only gets better, but this is how far I have come to date. So Does P90X Work? Read on and You Will See ;).

My Mage known by the name of Drackis - Once Ice then Arcane - Owner of 2v2 and Lord of Destruction =)

I felt like trash and was often sick because I was not eating healthy and spent 8-10 hours sitting at the computer daily. At this point I could hardly do 3-4 pull ups before being winded. I had tried doing Ab Ripper X before actually starting my 90 days of P90X - It was a joke. I spent more time flopping on the floor and wheezing than I did actually completing each move effectively.

Then one day it all came together - I decided it was time to take my Determination and Motivation into the Real World. It was time to do something for myself and share with others, it was time to stop dreaming and time to start living.

Success is only achieve through Doing - So Do It! P90X Does Work!

Pre-90X December 2008 Day 2

Day 4 of P90X Reloaded May 2009 - A Second Round Through! Notice the difference?

So my message is this - Stop wondering Does P90X Work and start doing! This is proof alone that P90X works and it doesn't matter when you start, it matters that You Do Start!

At the top and right of this blog you can purchase your own copy of P90X - All you need is the mindset to do it, push play every day, and finally get in shape!

P.S. If you go through this blog you will get me as your personal Coach to answer your questions and motivate you through your own journey. It's my turn to pay back to you what was given to me. Join Me!

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