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Are you serious!? 30 Day’s done already?

It can’t be so – But it is!

So Does P90X Work you ask? Read on to find out.

I have reached a pinnacle point once again in P90X. This time its “Reloaded” and I’m not taking it easy by any means. For those that have followed BetterBody News and my videos I have updated here and there about how I missed a workout or two and my weeks got all rearranged during weeks 1-3. Week 4 (Recovery Week) went well without interruption.

I have locked down and started yesterday with Phase II at 110%, I’m not messing around and I’m not going easy! I find myself wanting more these days after already being a P90X grad from the “Classic” program in Round 1. So I got thinking, “How can I mix this up and add intensity…” – Doubles of course! =)

Doubles you ask!?

Yes, that’s right I will be doing Doubles for Phase II and Phase III of Reloaded. For anyone that knows P90X you already know this stuff is not easy in “Classic”, try adding three additional cardio workouts each week!

I did over 2 hours of fitness yesterday (Monday, May 25th) with P90X+ Interval X Plus in the AM and then Chest, Shoulders, Triceps and Ab Ripper X in the PM. I’ll tell you what, by the end of the day I was tired and worked but not over worked. It actually went very well and I am pleased with my ability to get it done.

I went into the day with the mindset that no matter what I was going to complete my Doubles goal and that nothing would get in my way. Well, I did it and it was well worth it. I actually got to enjoy two P90X Recovery Drinks yesterday, one after the Intervals and then one after the PM workouts. So far this stuff really seems to hold up to its reputation. I love the flavor and quite literally it seems I recover faster and don’t feel as sore – Is it all in my head!?

I spent a good portion of today at the Beach in Fort Myer’s swimming in the Luke warm ocean (I think the Florida Ocean is filled with Bath Water – It’s unbelievably warm.) and basking in the sun attempting to get what I consider a tan. Unfortunately for me I don’t get very dark but at least I don’t mind showing off my “Beachbody” even if I am pale white=).

I am getting ready to do Plyometrics shortly and after Doubles yesterday, it should be a piece of cake (A healthy sugar free piece of cake!). Afterwards I will take my Day 30 pictures and post them up for all to see! With my diet being kind of shady during phase I and with missing a couple workouts here and there I don’t expect huge results yet.

However, in Phase II and Phase III with the addition of Doubles I know we can all expect some huge changes. On top of Doubles I am going to transition into the Beachbody Club Custom Meal Planner so I can give a solid and honest review of how well it works when you stick nearly 100% to the actual Beachbody Diet. Right now I do my own thing, it’s not bad, I eat very clean and Quality but I don’t always get enough.

So give me a week or so and I will get the groceries I need using the printable shopping list from the meal planner, then I can kick this stuff into super ultra high gear!

Check back tonight for some Day 30 Pictures!

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