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One Week Down - The Journey is already Well On It's Way to Completion!

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Hello there - Yet another day is complete in my ChaLEAN Extreme Journey. Today was Day Six which was comprised of a 30 minute Cardio Workout very Similar to Tony Horton's PlyoMetrics from P90X (PX90) though this is much shorter! You do a lot of jumping and fast paced movements but it really is a lot of fun! You work really hard and You will absolutely sweat but Chalene Keeps everything Interesting, Intense, and High Energy. I can't help but get pumped to workout every time I get to the main menu of each ChaLEAN Disk.

The Second part of Day 6 Involves a "ReCharge" 20 minute stretch video - This is very similar to P90X's Yoga though it is Much Much Much shorter and throws some variations on each move. It's a nice change of pace to do the shorter video though at the same time I am very happy to welcome Yoga back into my Fitness.

Flexibility and Center of One's Mind are very crucial components to a successful life - Not just in fitness but in Your entire life. Learn Your Boundaries but at the same time realize they are not limits but just Doors To Open!

My first day left me a little unsure as to my impression of ChaLEAN - Mainly due to the new moves and my lack of knowing the forms. I spent most of the time attempting to pull off each move without hurting myself more than effectively doing the workout. That was my first day - It Got Better though and now it's really coming together.

Once You learn the forms and understand the mechanics of each move it makes it much easier to maximize the effectiveness to achieve muscle burn. The Key is to lift heavy and Burn Early - Burn phase is all about conditioning and reaching complete muscle failure by 10 and no more than 12 reps. I am interesting in reaching the Push Phase which is the 30-60 day mark in the program. In "Push" it's all about lifting heavy enough to reach full muscle failure by 6 and no more than 8 reps! Low Reps mean A LOT more weight - Heavier weight = Increased Muscle Density and Strength.

It's true - "Muscle Burns Fat"!

Independent Beachbody Coach
Jason Croxford
aka Betterbody90 (WOWY)