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P90X (PX90) 90 Day Review

These are my numbers and pictures before and after completing my first round of P90X (PX90)

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Chest WasteHipsThighsArms
Day 11481238"33"35.5"22.5"12.5"
Day 301501137.5"31.25"33.75"22"13"
Day 60UknownUknown38.5"31.25"34"'21.5"13.5"
Day 901459.538.5"30.75"34"21.5"13.5"
Results Minus ~ 5lbs- 2.5%+ .5"- 2.25"- 1.5"- 1"+ 1"

I only had a set of 10 lb and 15 lb free weights to get me through the program so the results speak for themselves. With even light weights you can achieve great results! You can notice how it slowed down for me once I adapted fully to the weight I had available - Day 60 to 90 didn't change much in numbers though I did get A LOT stronger.
I now have a set of BoFlex Selectech's so I feel very confident that a second round of P90X will produce drastic results. Over all though I did lose 4.75" off my body in fat and gained 1.5" in muscle. My biggest goal was to lose body fat and that was defintely achieved - I had a total reduction of about 2.5% body fat with P90X (PX90).

A Picture is worth a Thousand Words - My progression

P90X Day 1 to Day 71

P90X Day 76 to Day 90

Independent Beachbody Coach
Jason Croxford
aka BetterBody90