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This is it - The End of the Beginning! This could be considered the ultimate update, perhaps the most important update I've ever made. This is my day 90!

Though I don't dance or do anything special like that, I do talk about my journey and where I am going from here - Check it out!

So I'm long winded and overly excited to be at Day 90! Here is the second half of my P90X (or PX90 as dyslexics like to call it) update.

The second most important update I have ever made! :)

P.S. Expect a full written review breaking down each phase through coming tomorrow - March 10th. I have nearly completed writing but I want to make sure it's comprehensive and full of value - Stay Tuned!

aka BetterBody90


PX90 said...

It's everything about getting your body to a desired shape...