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Seriously? It's Like A Magic Mirror!

I know the headline may be a little weird and seem unrelated to my P90X journey - But it really is. By "Seriously" I mean, "Has it Seriously been 90 days already?" The time flew by and my dedication has paid off! It's like a "Magic Mirror" because it's as though I stepped through the mirror of time to reveal the results I envisioned! In just 90 days I went from out of shape computer nerd with no real outlook to a super transformed being with complete purpose and drive for life.

I will tell you more about my new purpose in a bit, but for now lets talk about P90X.

After all, I have made it 90 days with very little interruption and it shows! When I started this program I had one goal in mind - That was to complete the program and get in the best shape of my life. Isn't that your goal? Isn't that the goal of anyone attracted to such an intense program?

I will tell you this, if you are new to P90X, if you are reading this because you want to learn more, if you are just researching to find real people with real results, you found your answer! I am a real person who just 3 months ago was in terrible shape - Now, 3 months later I can honestly say I am in the best shape of my life! Here is a quick look at my past - In high school I swam competitively, I ran track, I lifted, though I never truly focused on my entire body. P90X incorporates Everything You Ever Need! From Resistance, to Kenpo Karate, to Yoga, to Focused Abs. Your whole body gets worked every week and the constant challenge and change to routine will keep everything new and fresh. When it comes to plateau P90X holds true to it's name and offers enough variety to prevent that dreaded plateau effect.

I am going to give you a quick recollection to my 3 phases and how I did in each. That way you can get an idea of what to expect and what you can do in your journey. It's really all about helping each other out - Here is part of my contribution!

Phase 1 - Started December 2008

This is where it all came together, I had P90X for a good 5 months previous to actually starting out. One day after setting my mind and deciding to go for it I just pushed play and never looked back. My first phase was really not all that planned out, My diet was lacking, I was out of shape, and I had no idea what I was doing. All that mattered to me was that I pushed play and was underway towards day 90.

My first week I went right into it as though I had been working out on a regular basis before starting. I would not recommend this approach to anyone else starting out. The best idea is to do what you can, get through the videos but don't over due it. I would even recommend that you stop each set before you reach a full burn. Look at the first week as a way to condition your body, mind, and spirit. This will make the second week much easier than mine. I was so sore I could hardly get out of a vehicle or bend over. My body hadn't been worked that much since high school 6 years ago!

My diet was also very poor in the beginning - I pretty much just pushed play one day and joined the BeachBody Coaching business without ever really planning anything out. So I just started running straight forward, that's how I tend to do things. I just decide I am going to do it and I stick it through to the end, regardless. Maybe it's my Aries tendencies?

Anyway - phase one was all about getting conditioned and learning each video. In the first Phase I would actually find it incredibly hard to complete back to back workouts - I would actually complete my main set like "Shoulders and Arms", wait a couple hours, then I would do Ab Ripper X while flopping around on the floor like a dying fish on a boat deck. It was tough! Believe me though, it does get easier!

Near the end of my first 30 days I began to see some serious results - Only 30 days into the program I was losing inches, getting ripped, but even more than the visible results; I felt better than I had in the last 4 years and that was enough for me - I was pumped for phase two!

Phase 2 - Started January 2009

After my first recovery week I was ready to go for phase two. I had taken pictures and noticed some serious results - But more so I felt better than I had in years! I knew that P90X was working, I knew that it was true to it's word. You see I'm a sucker for intense physical work. At this point I looked back at my last several years - I had let myself go completely, I lost total focus on my fitness and well being, Heck I lost total direction of my life. I don't regret anything but I do wonder how I let myself loose focus for so long. After just 30 days and just into my second phase I was feeling incredible - I had a new lease on life and I became so much stronger than my first phase. My chin up numbers began to rise, as did my push ups.

It was in phase two that I really began to focus on diet and nutrition. I made sure to include large amounts of protein throughout my day - Usually 140-160grams spread out. I began to use Creatine to help my muscle energy stores through the resistance training. Everything started to come together - Though phase 2 is similar to the first you mix it up with a couple different videos which keeps your body guessing. Though I was never sore as the first week in the program I was always a little sore after every exercise - I love that feeling because it's a feeling of accomplishment, that you did something good, that your pushing your body and achieving results.

The first week was practically debilitating, but after that it was cake. As phase 2 neared the end and I entered into my second recovery week, the same as the first, I began to really notice the visible results. My arms were growing, my shoulders and chest were becoming cut, veins were popping out, etc. It was incredible to see these results - Especially with the fact that I only had 10 and 15 lb weights at the time ( I would combine 10lb and 15lb in each hand to achieve 25lbs in curls and various other workouts. Not recommended!). Some moves were becoming rather easy and I was progressing into the 12-15 rep range which is more toning than mass building.

Phase 3 - Started Feb 2009

This is the real meat and potatoes of the program - if you made it this far you are feeling like a machine, you are getting totally ripped, and your reps are probably near double the first phase. It was about half way through phase two that I no longer used the chair to get reps in the chin ups - I was now strong enough to do at least 8 reps each set without failing and without a chair to support. In phase three my diet became a little unstructured again but not nearly the same as round one.

At this point my serving job was reduced to Thur-Sun and I no longer worked Volume shifts (Usually an 8-10 hour day with no breaks and very little food). My calories varied daily but I continued to eat clean (No Soda, No Fries, Low Fat, No Hydrogenated products, No Enriched products, etc.) The only thing I think I could really improve here is drinking more water. Some days I do great and other days I will only consume a couple glasses. But overall the diet was fine and within reason. I did end up with the flu in Week 11 and my progress was stumped. I took 3 workouts off during that week, When I was better I decided to just continue on the scheduled workout instead of pushing my journey. This was no little sinus cold - I suffered from complete body ache and literally couldn't turn my head because my neck was so stiff and incredibly sore. I slept for almost three days but once I recovered enough I jumped back in.

Though my diet was a little unstructured, I had the flu for a week, and my motivation was a little low I still kept pushing play when I could. Now here I am, day 90 and done the journey. My friends it was a beautiful ride and I am incredibly happy that I stuck through it.


P90X (PX90) is exactly what it claims to be - If you like a good challenge you will find it here. Though P90X IS Intense it allows even the beginner to modify and adjust each move so that it can be completed. Tony does a great job at motivating and several times I find myself laughing at his dry sense of humor. I don't know, he reminds me a little of my dad, the same kind of jokes. The Muscle Confusion works - You are constantly challenged and never get the chance to plateau. I just love how P90X often uses plain and simple but proven moves to get you in shape and get you ripped.

The very first workout (Chest and Back) you do an hours worth of Push ups and Chin ups - Nothing complicated - No special machines - No fancy equipment. It's just your body, your will, and P90X. Bring it! That is why I am so in love with P90X, It's real, It's challenging, and it works. So as I said at the beginning - "It's like a Magic Mirror". 90 Days ago I looked in the mirror and saw what I wanted in 90 days, I envisioned my new body. Now I am here - I just brought it every day as much as I could and suddenly it's like "Magic" and I am here! I got the results I wanted, I am in killer shape, I am ripped, and I am so ready for more!

P90X isn't just something you do for 90 days, P90X or PX90 as some call is a lifestyle, it's a mind set that You Can Achieve Anything if you Just "Push Play"! Your new body will give you a new lease on life - The key to getting there though is to truly be happy with yourself right now. No matter who you are, whether you think you are a failure or not. You are Life, you are Conscious, You are Beautiful and Unique. So accept yourself, accept your new lifestyle, and Look in Your Magic Mirror.

To Your Success.

And Finally:

I told you at the beginning that I would tell you my new found "Purpose in life". It is very simple, I have found that helping others achieve their fitness and personal goals is as important as my own. You can't live your life by yourself, it's the people I met and the leaders I networked with that gave me the strength to lead and share with others. It is my new purpose to grow myself everyday and share that growth with others. Some have difficulty finding the will to push forward, I want to be that little shove that gets them in motion. You are truly able to manifest anythingyou believe in.

It is no joke or myth that anything is possible if you put your mind to it. We are very powerful and conscious beings, sharing life energy every day with each other, some realize this and others don't. I wish to help you help yourself, I don't wish to do thing's for people because that is not helping - My purpose is to awaken your inner being to life. Death is the ultimate teacher of Life - Imagine you had but just 60 seconds left to live. Ask yourself this - What would you do? If you can say honestly that you would simply love every moment of those mere seconds than you are truly on a path towards enlightenment.

Simply live and love every moment of every day, I can honestly find beauty in a single leaf on a tree, or a blade of grass, My purpose is to share this gift with others. It is a beautiful journey that we all poses - In the past I have been deeply lost within myself and my emotions, I had spent months of my life in utter depression and no will to live. Through it all I awakened and realize the beauty of every moment that I live. The purpose to life is not money, possessions, experiences, or anything fancy. The secret to life is realizing you are alive within and sharing this gift with others.

Independent BeachBody Coach
-Jason Croxford-
aka BetterBody90

Skype Me: jasoncroxford

Email: jasoncroxfordz@gmail.com



Barbie said...

Wow Jason, Your Transformation is just amazing. Physcially , Mentally and spiritually, I can see how you went from a caterpillar to a butterfly. You are a total inspiration, and am so grateful we met. The World is better because people like you are in it. I'm So Proud of you!!

Big Hugs,
Barbie F.

Anonymous said...

Nice Job Dude! Like I saw in a video "Go out on a limb, isnt that where the fruit is" You definitly went out on the limb and now your enjoying the fruit! ENJOY MAN,You deserve it!Tony would be Proud!!

Continue to Bring It!