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I waited all day but finally took action and got done another day!

Today was P90X Reloaded Day 2 as I go on my second round to once and for all answer the question - Does P90X Work?

This has to be one of the best Plyometrics days I have every had - I mean you would think so being that this is my second round. But seriously, I remember back on day two of my first P90X run - I felt nauseous and cramped up, I wasn't sure if i'd even be able to finish. Now I run through the entire DVD without any issue, that's not to say it's easy though.

Plyometrics is still the mother of all P90X workouts when it comes to cardio. A good alternative would be P90X+ Interval X but in my book Plyometrics still rocks.

88 more days to go! =)

It's nearly 12:30 am EST - This is what happens when you wait all day! But the key is to do your workout regardless. It's done and my day now feels complete, I will wake up as early as possible and jump right into Day 3 first thing.

Take Action in your life, take responsibility for your Health and if you plan to coach get involved ASAP! This stuff takes time, the sooner you get setup the better. This is not me selling this is me telling you what works!

More to Come!

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