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You read the title right - I was really starting to miss P90X in my life so I did something crazy. I started P90X Round 2 {Day 1} on ChaLEAN Extreme Round 1 {Day 22}! I actually found that each program goes hand in hand when placed next to each other. Granted I am nearly 1/3 of the way through ChaLEAN, but that's OK.

I won't actually complete a full run through P90X Round 2 because I plan to start a dedicated "P90X Reloaded" phase after ChaLEAN. Setup kind of like the ChaLEAN Team Xtreme Skype Group we have going but for P90X. I'll explain more in coming months so you can get involved!

This is what my new Routine looks like without looking at the P90X Rest week. Keep in mind I am doing P90X "Classic". Also, I am spreading out my P90X workouts and ChaLEAN Extreme workouts by at least 2 hours in the day.

  • Day 1: P90X Chest and Back - Ab Ripper X - ChaLEAN Burn Circuit One
  • Day 2: P90X Plyometrics - ChaLEAN "Day Off"
  • Day 3: P90X Shoulders and Arms - Ab Ripper X - ChaLEAN Burn Circuit Two
  • Day 4: P90X Yoga X - ChaLEAN Burn Intervals - ChaLEAN Ab Burner
  • Day 5: P90X Legs and Back - Ab Ripper X - ChaLEAN Burn Circuit Three
  • Day 6: P90X Kenpo X - ChaLEAN Burn it Off - Recharge
  • Day 7: REST!

Repeat Week 2, 3, etc....

Obviously every week is not like this but I wanted to show you how well each program compliments each other when placed side by side. You never work the same muscle group two days running, this allows for ample recovery time and IMO, maximum results!

Of course, a program like this will require a lot more time and a huge Calorie requirement - I am aiming to consume at least 2800 calories upwards to 3800 a day! Keep in mind I don't have any more weight to lose after my first round of P90X. I simply want bulk muscle.

I am what you would consider a "Hard Gainer", meaning I have to work constantly to Build and Retain muscle mass. When I was 18 I designed my own resistance training diet along with the "Body Pump" routine. In 12 weeks I was able to gain upwards to 15 pounds on my 5'8 frame in solid muscle and was pressing 200 pounds (6 reps) when I weighed 165 pounds. It is my goal to return to that weight level.

I will stick as close to my new Hybrid Schedule as possible - Expect some serious Results! I know I do :).


MuslimahonaDiet said...

i think, it is a very good idea, i will try that when i start round 2 of CLExtreme because i will be fitter by then.
thanks, jason. keep up the good work!

Matt Skalecki said...

I'm impressed with your enthusiasm and love for P90X, but I think you need to ask yourself why you are doing this.

If you want to gain muscle mass as you say, you NEED rest and calorie surplus for recovery and growth. You might be able to compensate the burnt calories with more food, but you can't make up for the lost rest. For this reason, by doing both programs, you are doing neither program.

Work smarter, not harder. If you have too much spare energy, add weight.