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Two Weeks!?

Absolutely - ChaLEAN Team Xtreme is now 2 full weeks underway and we are bringing it more than ever! I am loving the ChaLEAN program more and more as time goes on.

My first week was a little slow and I wasn't sure what to think - That was mainly because the forms were different and the whole program is a different style than P90X. Each are intense in their own right but they vary in how the intensity is Displayed.

I really recommend if you have not started a fitness program and you want something pretty intense - Start out with ChaLEAN Extreme. But absolutely without a doubt make sure you study and practice the forms first. It's pointless to jump into the program with a Superman/ Superwoman Complex. There is no need to get injured!

My Diet has been the biggest struggle of them all - I don't eat bad really, but I don't eat enough. You really need to make sure that you eat plenty of high quality foods. "Mich's Ladder" is a great reference when putting together your shopping list.
My biggest problem is budgeting for Groceries. I don't seem to leave myself with enough to buy bulk which of course is your best option. I tend to nickle and dime myself each day, I eat good, but I could eat a lot better if I had tons of selections at home. The thing is you do what you can do. I live a pretty busy weekend Thur-Sun as a Server at Red Robin, this does not leave me much time to eat so I have to compromise and fill in with healthy snacks (Oatmeal, Power Bars, Naked® Drinks, etc.). For anyone that is or has been a server you know exactly how hard it is to get a good meal in. You just simply do not get Breaks.

It's OK though, I look at Red Robin as my buffer to get my general daily bills out of the way - Being an Independent Beachbody Coach is my real deal, though it does take time to build a successful business. I will tell you that I have already found success and Truthfully I will be set free from my Corporate job within 3-6 months.

The window of possibility has opened for me through hard work and dedication - You can manifest your own Success too. Dream Yes, but make sure to "Do" more than you "Dream"

"Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out."

Robert Collier

I love to share my Empowerment with Others who are willing and ready to accept new challenges and a New Life. There is no time in this life to be selfish. Share Yourself Fully and Completely, With Honesty and Integrity, and Success will Manifest Itself in Front of You.

"The Greatest Gift in Life is Helping Others to Find the Power Within Themselves, to Break Down Their Boundaries, and to Find the Greatest Purpose... 'Love' and 'Life'

Remember to Live..."

- Jason

Independent Beachbody Emerald Coach
Jason Croxford aka Betterbody90 (WOWY)
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