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Ready to get in Shape?

Let's first realize what needs to be done then we will talk about Team Beachbody and how P90X (PX90) can get you there. But first…

It's time to stop making excuses and step forward by taking the actions necessary to reaching your goals. You will not get in shape and get the body you want by watching E Channel's Top 25 Hott bodies. I know we are all guilty of wanting something so badly but you never actually do anything about it.

I spent a year having P90X in my possession but did nothing about it. I talked to people around me and told everyone how I wanted to get in shape. Did I do anything about it? No. For some reason it's a lot easier to talk about it than actually make that decision to Push Play. You need to be of the mindset that you will complete this no matter what.

*For those that don't know what P90X is - P90X is a home workout boot camp with 12 different DVD's that focus on all aspects of fitness; Resistance, Cardio, Stretch, and Intervals - Mind, Body, and Soul. One day you lift heavy, the next day you punch and kick with Kenpo, and another day you are pushing your boundaries with Yoga.

P90X is broken into 3 Phases - 30 days each. Every phase mixes up the DVD's and brings a new challenge so you don't get bored and you never stay fully adapted to the workouts. Keep in mind you can use Bands in place of weights and a chin up bar, you can modify moves to adapt to your level, you can pause the videos to recover - You are really left with no valid excuses. Do it!

You know, I had not worked out in over 4 years. I had spent that time getting out of shape sitting in front of my computer - I played World of Warcraft and drank beer. I had an amazing experience with so many interesting people, I regret nothing. But I lacked the mindset that I could do this. One day I decided no more, I hit play and never looked back. I didn't spend time planning it out or thinking about 90 days. I just hit Play and Did It.

Sometimes it's about locking down your life and getting your focus back. P90X is not the only one answer but it IS a tool that will get you to where you want to be. A lot of things work out there, but it is only through your own "doing" that the results are achieved.

Let me ask you this - Were you in shape before? Do you remember how you felt?

If Yes, Do something about it! It's that simple. All you have to do is Push Play.

Have you always been overweight and want something to change?

You can make this happen, I promise you! It starts by loving yourself for who you are now. Without that love for yourself you will always want something different. I am not saying you have to love being overweight, but you have to love the being that you are. You are life and you are Beautiful!

Now take that energy and focus it. Use P90X as the tool to achieve your Fitness desires!

If your excuse is that P90X is to difficult, try something less intense. Start with One on One with Tony Horton, try 10 Minute Trainer, Hip Hop Abs, Turbo Jam, Chalean Extreme, whatever you need to do. What matters is that you start somewhere!

Those that take action today will achieve the results they desire tomorrow. Those that dream about results but hesitate will only ever dream of their results. Who are you?

Follow me on a journey in 90 days. Imagine yourself with that sleek, ripped, defined body you always wanted. Do you see it? Live it!

I will be your Fitness Coach and Your wall to lean on - Together in life we Empower each other to reach within and channel our energies. Never hesitate to use me - I chose to become an Independent Beachbody Coach for the simple fact that I want to help others get in shape. It has been more than just that though - I have found new meaning in myself and have channeled all of my energy on achieving the unachievable. Every day is a precious gift to live and to experience life - No matter how dark and bleak it may seem.

Start P90X and come with me on a journey to change your life forever - Promise Yourself.

Imagine how good you will feel - Picture all of the compliments from people who watched you transform.

You can do this - It's all about finding the mindset that You Will Do This and that you Truly want to change. Love yourself now and you will Love yourself Always - Start P90X.

Independent Beachbody Emerald Coach
Jason Croxford aka BetterBody90
Skype jasoncroxford