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Another day complete. Today was a pretty easy day for me, I was very motivated to workout and begin adding video. I personalized my Youtube account and added my very first P90X video blog update. I'm very excited about the addition of my video updates and I will be adding some reviews and ofcourse more updates in the near future!

I took some pictures last night at the end of Day 11 just for record, didn't really notice any change in physical appearance but I do want to add that I am feeling much better than last week. Body ache has completely faded and left me with just that little muscle burn you get after your done. I have alot more energy when I finish each workout and my stamina has increased greatly. I definitely notice the progress in Yoga X.

I started my Ab X routine early today - around 9am actually - because I had some errands and things I needed to get done during the day. I saved Legs and Back for later in the afternoon; I like to take a break between each in my first couple weeks so I can get the best form and therefore, results from each session. If it was cardio that would be a different story but for muscle training a break is definitely ok. Do what your body tells you! That's a very important tip.

Ab X:
Abs went well today, minimal burn throughout the workout and I forced myself to have the best form possible. I find 'heals to heaven' a little difficult because my legs don't like to stay straight, but I do the best I can. I know Yoga X will fix my flexibilty issues over the next couple weeks.

Legs and Back:
This flew right by today, before I knew it I was already 30 minutes into it. I DID use a chair today for my chin-ups, mainly for the second round. This allowed better form than last week when I tried to muscle it and use my ego. I just plain can't do what I used to and I'm ok with that now, I know in the coming weeks I'll be back to where I used to be years ago. If you rush things or push to hard your jsut going to end up to sore to workout or injuring yourself. If you injure yourself you'll lose alot more than if you just take your time and do what you can!

Tomorrow is Kenpo X and I'm very excited, this is one of my favorite X routines so far.

I still haven't added suppliments or recovery drinks to my diet but I hope to do so in week 3 or 4, so expect some reviews and updates in the near future on using those products.

Thanks again and have a great night!