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on 7:23 AM

I have just completed half of day 3, I have to work in a few hours so I decided to save Ab Ripper X until later this evening. My main workout today was the Shoulders and Arms video.
Now I am the kind of person that requires the "Do" to really get motivated, sometimes if I try and plan I end up spending so much time planning I burn all my motivation...
With that said, I don't have everything I need in this first week of training. I only have 1 set of 15lb dumbbells so needless to say some of the video was easier than it should have been, some moves were harder, and some found a happy medium with 15 lbs. I do have my rep numbers and I did record which ones require more or less weight, if you want a detailed account just leave a comment with your question!
I did just move to a different state so my equipment is very minimal. Back home I had everything I needed plus some. But onto the review...

Shoulders and Arms:

The video starts out like any other with a good long stretch and warm-up phase. But soon your hitting set after set and depending on whether your going for bulk (8-10 reps), or tone (12-15 reps) you may or may not find yourself resting with time in between.

Don't stop moving, heart rate is just as important as pushing through each set so keep bouncing around and make sure to hydrate!

I found this workout relatively easy to keep up with and I know it will get much better as my body pain goes away. I do find that I'm rather sore so my flexibility is slightly reduced from the muscle burn. I just keep telling myself that this is week 1 and it WILL get better!

I'll tell you the soreness is catching up with me and it was making me a little unmotivated this morning a little after my first post. All I can do is tell myself to keep going, I mean the only way to get there is to do the work, there are absolutely no short cuts.

I WILL make it to day 90, you will see!

Stay tuned for my Ab Ripper X update later...


Last night I did my Ab Ripper X and I'm so glad I did. I will let you know if was very hard to get motivated, between the body pain from the last couple days and a long shift at work I nearly skipped out, But I kept to my word and did my work!
I was so happy when I was done and man did I feel like a million bucks. It was so much easy than the first day I did it and I know it will only get easier!

Thanks for staying with me!