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on 6:14 PM

So today took a little extra deep down motivation to get started. I woke up early at 6am and started my diet out right, for the most part anyway. I do love bacon so I still allow myself 1 piece at least, it keeps me happy ;). I spent the rest of the morning/afternoon at the Fort Myers beach enjoying the sun and water. I tossed the Frisbee around for a bit and spent about an hour laying in the sun. Once I got back I was ready for a nap but I knew if that happened I'd be to lazy to workout after wards. So after scheduling myself in WOWY I decided I had a commitment to make that I could not break, It's not like I had any good reason anyway!
So I hit Plyometrics head on and I'm happy with myself for completing day 9! I did get slightly nauseous during the workout but I think this was because I drank to much water. I kept going and made it through, though my legs were on fire towards the end.
I was happy with my heart rate and it seemed a little more appropriate than last time, it didn't seem to high and was much more consistent!

Here are my numbers taken at each 'water break' and at the end.

Break 1: 172 (bpm)
Break 2: 176
Break 3: 180
Break 4: 172
Break 5: 180
End : 172

I still don't have a heart monitor but these times were taken at 15sec x4 during each break. Not 100% accurate but pretty close.


I went out and bought a yoga mat tonight, also two more 10lbs weights giving me up to 25lbs for the arms and shoulders work tomorrow. I decided a pair of weight gloves would be handy also as this will allow better grip!

I updated my WOWY profile and I will start scheduling my workouts everyday from now on. I hope to see you on there!

Good night