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on 7:46 PM

I just gathered my measurements and photos for everyone to see. These were taken at the end of day 2 but I don't think your going to notice much from day 1 to day 2.

I will say i'm feeling VERY sore today and my roommates have confirmed the idea I had that I was walking like a 90 year old man. It's good paid though, it's pain that tells me "Hey, your getting results, your working yourself hard. Keep going!"
That's the same thing I want to pass to you, my reader. Don't give up or take a day off cause your a little sore, its the first week, your going to be in pain but your just going to have to push through. The harder you work the better your results will be!

*Note* Please understand the difference between good pain and bad pain though. If you feel you may have seriously hurt something or pulled a muscle please take it easy. But at the same time don't say "hey my muscles are sore, I must have pulled them" and give up. Believe me, you'd know the difference.

On to the meat of this post:

Here are the numbers...

Weight - 148lbs
Fat % - ~12
Chest - 38"
Arms - 12.5"
Waist - 33"
Hips - 35.5"
Thigh - 22.5"

These measurements are from the right side only and most are in a flexed stance.

My goal in this program is not really to lose much weight but to gain muscle size and definition, I don't think I'm in terrible shape but you can definitely tell I haven't put much effort forth in the last couple years.

Pictures: (Yes I am sunburned and yes I was wearing a shirt when it happened)