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on 8:10 PM
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I've completed Day 1 of P90x and definitely felt the burn. It's been awhile since I've really done a good full workout. I got to use my Iron Gym which I ordered about a week ago during my planning phase. I was a little disappointed in how fast I burnt out on the workouts but I know it will get better in time, this was day 1!
I also just joined the P90X coaching program to help motivate myself and in turn motivate and help others achieve their goals. It's going to be a tough 90 days but it will be complete! Tomorrow on day 2 I will put together my nutrition plan and head to the grocery store for supplies. At the moment im going to skip on using extra supplements but I definitely plan to add some protein and other supplements to the mix as I progress into week 2.
I do have a website available at www.milliondollarbody.com/betterbody90 if your interested on the 'where to buy'?
I hope to make myself fully available to answer questions and concerns about the program as I progress through, so please don't hesitate to email me!

A quick summary...

Day 1 Chest & Back

The video starts out with a good cardio workout that gets you moving and breathing, but soon turns into a challenge. I realize this was day 1 but I found myself burning after only 4-5 chinups in some cases. I did log my numbers, including reps and weights so if you have questions about any detail please email me.
As much as this workout did cause some physical uncomfort I did continue to the end and I am very happy that I did.

Ab Ripper X

I've done this video before and have always been impressed with the burn you can achieve with just 16 minutes. I was using this video solely for a good two months and definitely noticed a much stronger core. Unfortunately with a move that followed and a hectic work schedule I fell off a couple months back.


Today wrapped up well even though I feel I should have done more. My body told me where it was at and now I know where to build from. I am very excited to start my day tomorrow with the Plyometrics workout, lets see where it takes me!

Stay tuned...


Brian said...

Me and a friend are thinking about starting the program. I originally thought it might be some kinda scam, so I searched the WEB and found your blog. You seem motivated and appear to have results soon after starting. What was your level of fitness when you started out?

Jason Croxford Inc. said...

Hey Brian.

It is in no way a scam! It's a butt kicking program and it's worked so far. I'm on Day 28 as of today (Jan 5th)!

As far as my fitness level when I began. I would say mediocre to terrible haha.

I spent the last 3-4 years playing World of Warcraft, Eating whatever and whenever (My largest meal was usually after 2am), and Drinking lots and lots of beer.

So if I can kick it into high gear and get moving I believe anyone can!

I spent the first week so sore I could barely get out of a VW Golf, I went at it almost to hard. My advice is take it easy teh first week, that way you can really bring it in week 2 and on!