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It's 11:11 am

So many things have changed and so many things are fast approaching, I could easily become stressed and simply fall out of my goals. But I will not let this happen, my goals have become so real to me that I won't stop until they exist in my reality.

Today is Stretch X and I am excited for the relaxation this will provide, actually this will be my first time completing the workout. It seems every time before I have missed, my rest days are days off and my first rest week got a little hectic and messed up, which resulted in me not doing either Stretch X (Check my previous blog entries for the story).

I will be following up tonight or tomorrow with an update as to how everything went, since this is my first time through Stretch X I'm sure I will have lots to say.

For those of you getting into P90X I want to welcome you, this will be a journey unlike anything you have done before. My advice would be to accept your goals, live them everyday - I don't mean day dream and think what you want to be but, dream and Know You Are What You Want To Be!

Think about it, in your past when you accomplished things that seemed almost impossible or at least improbable. Before you achieved anything, didn't you spend hours a day and night thinking about what it would be like to be that person, or to have that possession?
I know out of personal experience that this is true - Growing up I was a skinny little kid, I stayed active and always had crazy adventures. As I got to the age of 9 years old I began to put on weight, soon I "ballooned" into an obese child shopping for clothes in the "Chunky" section. I was so unhappy with myself.

I was home schooled and had little self confidence, this also included very little skills when it came to interacting with others. I always dreamed of being someone special, someone that changed the world, someone that everyone knew with positive demeanor.
But I continued to over eat, get little exercise, and put very little investment in myself. By the age of 14 I injured my hip while bowling, I was attempting to throw a curve ball and while pivoting I actually slipped the top of my hip bone out of alignment (Slipped Capital Femoral Epiphysis). After going to the doctor and getting X-Rays I was told that this happens in overweight children do to soft cartilage that would eventually harden towards the end of puberty.
It was this instance in my life that I realized things had to change. From this point I became mad at myself and every day I envisioned my hip problem going away as though it never happened. I took it easy on my hip so it would not slip any further, it was that or get a pin inserted that would completely halt the growth of my left leg while my right leg continued. At one point in my life I actually rode in a wheel chair all around Disney World and walked with crutches to avoid further injury.
Once I reached the age of 15 things changed and my hip was solid, from this point I realized I could not live the life I had been living. I became obsessed with losing weight, I dieted every day, ran, rode my bike, blue berry raked (I'm from Maine Originally), and did whatever I could to put my body through intense work. I had almost become mad at myself and disgusted with myself for being who I was, all I could do is think of who I wanted to be and put myself in that mind set every day. Eventually the weight started to melt away and by the time I was 16 I had gone from 180lbs and a 36" waist down to 105lbs and a 28" waist.
Believe me I've done it all, I've dieted the right way, and I've also starved myself, and I've binged, I've designed my own programs, I've even pushed myself to near heat exhaustion because my will overpowered my senses.
My point to you is that no matter who you are, if you look at my pictures and see a skinny little white kid, I want you to understand that I am the way I am because I worked for it! I have the faith in you that you can do it too, you just have to accept who you want to be!

The point behind my story is that anyone can do anything if you have the right vision and the motivation to accept your new being. I will be glad to go into more detail for you if you would like to know more, my life is an open book, my body has gone from one extreme to the other and I would be glad to share my past with you.

P90X is my tool to get back the life I once had, the point at which I was in peak physical condition, and the point where I felt on top of the world. If you are overweight and want to lose it, I have been there and I understand. I fought through injury and my own internal demons to become a strong willed, passionate, and confident person. You can do it too!

P90X is a way to get there, with community support, a coach, and your personal drive there is nothing that can stop you now!

That is why I'm proud to call myself a Beachbody Coach, I can give back to those struggling with their own problems that need the support to push forward.

Do yourself a favor, picture the person you want to be, keep that imagine deep within your soul every day and every where you go. Live as though you are already that person, do the work everyday, eat clean everyday, and live without worry because, You Are already that person!

Your Coach
Jason Croxford

on 9:18 AM

Back from vacation and ready for more!

I just got back from Orlando yesterday afternoon, I was visiting with my parents as they have come down from Maine. It was a great way to relax and refresh myself, I wasn't really running out of energy but sometimes it's good to get away - You know?
It only took 3 hours to drive from Fort Myer's to Orlando, not bad considering the 3 day trips my family used to take back in the day from Maine to FL. I decided that a Disney park hopper pass with water park access will be an absolute must for the fast approaching FL summer! Besides I have to show off my P90X body to everyone ;) - Maybe I can motivate others to get onboard and join me so I can be their personal development coach, the future is such a beautiful place. You are the creator of your destiny, if you can see it and feel it then you will have it - But above all you Must truly see yourself already in your future to get there.

Alot of things went down over the past couple days - I got a speeding ticket on the way to Orlando... Oops 0=) - "I don't know if the future planned stage III turbo upgrade will be a good decision or not haha"
I witnessed a fender bender right in front of me an hour after my ticket (Everybody was ok).
Then as I arrived back home there was serious tension in my house between my other two roommates and ulimatly my friend Chris decided to move. I think in the long run it will be for the better though I hate to see him return to Maine, it's just to darn cold!

With all of that my mind was cluttered and I wasn't sure about completing my workout - Don't boo me yet though! I did it! I actually forgot that this was week 8 and included some of my favorite routines, I was expecting resistence training but then realized it was Yoga X. Such a perfect workout for the day I was having, I needed a boost for my mind, body, and soul - Yoga X does all of that and more! I didn't get started until nearly 11:30 pm EST which put me at completion around 1 am, it was late and I was tired, my joints were popping and my body was tight throughout - But after reaching the end I felt so relaxed and so revitalized.

So my friends, I have once again beaten the odds and completed my workout on a day that didn't seem possible. I tell you this so that you know, no matter what, you can still do this. It doesnt matter if you wait all day, if you have a flat tire, if you have a cold, if you have a bad day at work, or whatever else may arrise. You made that commitment to yourself and beleive me, no matter how bad you feel at the start you will feel absolutely incredible at the end. Just beating the odds and doing it everyday without fail will make you grow stronger and stronger from the inside out!

Do what you can everyday and you will have truly amazing results - I can't stress this enough!
If you have a workout to do right now, don't wait - Get started NOW, I will still be here when you get back ;).

I will be here to keep you accountable - Contact me in whatever way works for you

I will be your coach

YouTube and Yahoo

Leader in Success
Jason Croxford
Skype jasoncroxford

Hello my friends

I have come to you today to show you my day 2-46 progress video - This is a time lapse progression so you can see what P90X can do for you!

"I did not take pictures every single day but I did take enough so you can truly see progression"

The following video is 1/2 the journey of the rest of my life -You can do this too!

I didn't do anything special, I didn't kill myself, I didn't lift 100lbs, I just did!

In a moment I will show you my video.

Push play my friends! That is truly all you have to do - Of course you need to eat healthy too!

  • Do you want to start but don't know how?
  • Do you need suggestions on where to buy?
  • Do you think you can't do it?
  • Do you have questions about what foods to eat?

I'll help you! I am a Beachbody Coach and I am here for you. Don't struggle - Ask questions, get answers!

My Skype: jasoncroxford
Email: betterbody90@beachbodycoach.com
AoL: betterbody90

And now without further delay:

Ask me How.

Leader in Success
Jason Croxford
skype: jasoncroxford

on 5:20 PM

Just purchased P90X+ (Plus)

New Workouts for an extra challenge in P90X round 2.

I am very excited to flow from Round 1 to Round 2 and I am getting prepared early so this can be seamless.

I am a little beyond the half way point and I am feeling better than I have in 5 years - I'm finally back in shape and now the only way is up!

I really want to add some bulk in the back half of P90X, I want to prove that even the little guy can get results!

I'm already built tougher than when I started, my lean muscle has increased, my stamina has increased, my love handles have decreased, and my motivation has doubled!

Now that i've had a taste of what this program will do there is no turning back - This is my life and I welcome it with arms wide open!

I can't wait to become involved deeper with Beachbody Coaching to help others improve the quality of their lives.

It's amazing what a little determination will do folks, just do it everyday and your life will Never be the same!

Your Coach

Jason Croxford



Skype: jasoncroxford

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on 12:21 PM

I am currently doing P90X Day 46 - Legs and back - Ab Ripper X will be done tonight after work.

As promised I will be uploading a new Vlog with a time lapse from Day 2 to 45 - Measurements will be added to my P90X Blog aswell.

Stay tuned...

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on 8:10 PM

P90X Plyometrics Week 6 Day 44 - In Progress!

1/2 Point tomorrow folks. New Pics and measurements to come.

I was just thinking to myself tonight, "What will I do when I reach day 90?"

This is what I said... "P90X+ Ofcourse"

It's going to be one smooth transition right into the next program people - Jason Croxford is not going to stop at day 90. It's not the end of the program but the beginning of my life!

My experience will live on and maybe through my determination and will you to can find the inner strength.

My mind is made up - I've already put myself where I need to be, now all I have to do is work.

Seriously, the workouts are the fun part! It's getting through those first 2 weeks or the first phase that's hard - Your going to have down days and your going to have record breaking days. It's a fact.

But pick yourself off with every morning light and refresh your mind back to where you started, you remember right? When you were imagining how good you'd look and how amazing you'd feel?

Take the time to remind yourself everyday why your here, you had a goal to start, don't forget it!

Expect so much more out of yourself, you are a great person, you can achieve incredible results!

You Have Already!

All you need to do is say "Yes" and everything else will just com to pass as though it was meant to be, because you made it that way!

I don't care who you are, where you came from, if you weigh 300lbs, or if you weigh 100lbs - Bring it everyday and your life will get richer, you will get better, and most of all you will Succeed!

Bring it!

Coach Jason Croxford


Skype: jasoncroxford



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ViralUrl is a priceless tool to use - You can make some huge affiliate commissions just for sharing this resource with others.


This tool hits your Target Market - Internet Marketers - Send Email to 3000 people every 3 days! That's roughly 30,000 people a month!

You can also use ViralUrl Cloaking tools to avoid losing your valuable Affiliate Commissions - Protect your hard work!

Find more information in this quick over view video


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on 9:32 PM

My latest VLog update on my P90x Journey has just been uploaded! Week 6 Day 43, Just days away from the 1/2 mark!

Comment - Rate - Ask Questions/Get Answers!


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1/2 the Journey - There is no time better to Push Play!

I'm nearly there - Just a couple more days and I will have made it 1/2 of the way through P90X! What an amazing ride it has been, my life has completely changed, I'm in better shape than ever, I have greater endurance, I kick higher, I do pull-ups without a chair, and its only going to get better!
One day I simply had enough, I could'nt stand to look at myself in the mirror and make excuses anymore! I knew it was time for change and I was ready. You can do the same!

Latest Vlog - Ab Ripper X and Kenpo - Week 6 Day 41:

It gets better!

I was talking to a friend last night about habits or routines. That when starting out the first two weeks will make or break you. I see this in my life all the time and i've observed it in others as well. My theory is - If you can make it through the first two weeks and stick to your goals then you have completed all the hard work - Not just physically but also emotionally. In P90X the first two weeks are crucial! You will feel a lot of pain (good pain), you will be dissapointed with your numbers, you may even get nauteous during some workouts. Don't make yourself sick but keep going! You know what your body is saying so if something is hurting you then find a different way - But don't just give up!

Swallow your pride and do what works!!

Week 1 and week 2 will be the hardest but just set your goals on the big picture - I promise it gets easier as long as you stick to it!
Make sure you don't set your goals on the mind-set that you will lose 50 lbs or that you will do 100 pull ups in the first week or two. It's not going to happen unless your in incredible shape to start.
You know when I started I could hardly do 2 pull ups - Now in week 6 I can do 10-15 depending on which move.

So stick to it my friends - Your Health and Fitness dreams are just 90 days away with a lifetime to live!

on 10:38 PM

Video in Process - My newest P90X Journey video coming soon - Week 6 Day 41!

Will be released Mon January 19th!

P.S. 45 Day Pictures and Measurements + Day 1-45 slide show this week! Stay Tuned and comment!

See me on Youtube:


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on 9:12 AM

P90X - Today is a new beginning - Meet Coach Jason Croxford http://www.youtube.com/watch

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on 10:58 AM

Just finishing up Episode 1 of "My Marketing Meals". It's split into two Parts so I could get it on Youtube.

Part 1: http://www.youtube.com/watch

Part 2: http://www.youtube.com/watch

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I may not be able to breath out my nose but I can still Bring it!

I completed Day 37 of my P90X journey this afternoon - My workout was Plyometrics. My heart rate stayed at a consistent 160-165bpm throughout the workout and everything felt pretty good or at least at good as it could for me being sick. I completed each set though I stumbled a little during the jump squats. I'm a little sore from Chest and Shoulders plus the cold has been throwing me off.

I didn't go into the workout with as much ambition and stamina as usually due to my cold, but the key factor is that I brought it never-the-less. There are some days that Will Be harder than others - Bring whatever you can and you will get results. Don't make excuses, stay accountable, and stay driven!

You have a long term goal here - Long term goals take time to achieve.

I could easily just say, "I have a cold and therefore I am going to take the day off" but I didn't! Do what you can when you can, if you feel 150% then bring 160%, if you feel 75% then bring 85%. Do what you can - Just don't give up!

I've been there before, wanting something but not actually being ready to accept what I had to do to get it. We all get there at some point in our lives, it doesn't matter who you are. What does matter is that you put that behind you, accept what it is that you have to do and do it, regardless!

I'm a P90X coach:

My next post will be all about Team Beachbody coaching. Here are a few highlights to expect:

  • Who I am and Why I am a coach (There will be a Vblog)
  • How helping yourself can help others
  • Get in shape and make a living all at the same time
  • Why you should be a coach
  • How to become a coach and be a leader!

Stay tuned...

Feel the burn!

I have just completed Ab Ripper X as well as Chest/Shoulders/Triceps - What a rush. My cold didn't hold me back! I may not be able to breath out my nose but that doesn't stop me from Bringing it! Keep that in mind for yourself - There is no good excuse unless you're otherwise injured or deathly ill. Don't let a little something get in your way towards Success!

I did a quick Vblog to compliment this post - Without further delay:


I thought it would be good to add a little note. I was just thinking the other day about how crazy it was for me to finish Ab Ripper X AND a main set in one day. It didn't matter how much time in between, that crap use to kill me! Now on week 6 it's a walk in the park - I wanted to leave you with this thought.
Keep going, it only gets easier - What you couldn't do in Week 1 and Week 2 will be cake in Week 4 and Week 5. I just can't imagine week 12+!


If you like what you see here make sure and click to follow my blog! You can do this on the right hand side under the "Follow" section. Thanks a bunch and don't forget to comment! =)

Keep Pushing Play

X Time!

I'm feeling a little under the weather.

Sadly I have come down with a cold, so far my sinuses have all but closed off and my throat has been rather sore. It all came on out of no where - I went to bed Sunday night feeling fine, woke up around 3 am randomly and noticed my throat was pretty sore, from that point on it's been settling in.

No Stretch X for me

With that said I want to let you know that even though I had high hopes of completing Stretch X I did not do it. I decided a day of rest would benefit me much more. My recovery time has been longer since I have come down sick, my energy levels just plain suck, and my motivation is teetering on the edge.

I will not give in though, today is Ab X and Shoulders/ Arms - I think it will feel great to complete these workouts! I know I won't have 110% to bring but I am going to bring all that I have. I will do my best to forget how I feel and put myself in the moment of how I Want to feel!

Do what you can - Bring what you can - Just do it!

I will be updating in a couple hours after I complete my workouts - I have to wait another hour or so as I ate not to long ago. I will be including a Vblog update and also a new video project I am working on to incorporate my P90X and Marketing efforts into one.

I want to give a quick preview of what you can expect from my new project!

  • Find ways to lose weight and mix up your new diet!
  • Learn a new healthy meal or recipe
  • Gain value in your personal and business developement
  • Learn about marketing news, strategies, and resources
  • etc.

Stay tuned...

on 3:32 PM

Want to increase your daily protein intake so you can increase your muscle mass?

I've made a short video giving you ideas of what to do! I did something similar to this 6 years ago when I was training resistance hard core. I weighed 165lbs and was pressing 6-8 reps of 200lbs, not bad eh? I'm not bragging but just telling you that I speak from experience. I went from 140lbs to 165lbs in 10 weeks - started pressing at 135lbs and ended at 200lbs. I've been lazy over the years and wasted away but P90X is really my motivation to get back to that shape!

After 5 weeks I have no doubt in my mind that P90X Will Give Results!

I'm here to share this with you - Enjoy:

I woke up last night with a sore throat.

I was a little scared this could turn into a cold or something unpleasant. the day has gone on and I feel fine, I'm not sure what the issue is but I think it's just a small bug. I'll keep you posted but I think I'm going to kick whatever this is in the next 24 hours!

Kenpo X - Day 34

I did my Kenpo X last night around 8 p.m. - I want to note that I had a very hard time getting my heart rate up to my target zone. I was hitting hard, I was kicking hard, I was moving and grooving - I don't really know what was up?

I actually started to go faster than the video pace when each set came up. I've done it enough times to know most of the moves so I just use the video as a fall back. Now this is only with Kenpo - The other workouts still keep me guessing and I like to use the video pace, especially in the resistance training.

I calculated my BPM (Beats per Minute) last night at each break and this is what I got.

  • Break 1 - 140
  • Break 2 - 148
  • Break 3 - 152
  • Break 4 - 136
My final rate was 160 right at the very end (From 4:20-4:05 remaining in the video)

I hit vertical punches at full speed right from the start - Instead of starting out slow.

Here is my Kenpo Day 34 afterthoughts:

Day 35 - Rest

So far today has been about rest and personal developement. I made a new content video explaining my morning/afternoon protein shake for those that were wondering. I'm going to make a new post dedicated to this new video. In the mean time I will be doing X stretch tonight before bed, that should be a relaxing end to my day.

Stay tuned

Real quick - I have to leave for Red Robin in 5 minutes!

I just completed day 33! So far everything is amazing, I feel better and better each day. In phase two I've really picked up the effort with a big concentration on diet and form. I've been doing my workouts in the early A.M. now as that will make sure I get them done - and it doesn't hurt to have the after workout euphoria for the day :).

New Protein Shake!

I've added an incredible protein shake to my daily workouts and i'll be sharing that recipe with you in my next post! Just a small preview - This shake has OVER 50g of protein by itself; What a great way to get your required protein intake!

X Time!

Stay tuned...


I wanted to make a quick update to let you know I completed Legs and Back as well as Ab X. I continue to start with Ab X and then follow directly witht he main set of the day - This is working very well for me. I want to note that this was difficult in the first week or two, but now that I am in week 5 it's much, much, MUCH Easier!

  • This is going to be very quick as I don't have much time before work.

Day 31: Quick Update

I did my Ab X and Back-Biceps yesterday on schedule. Both went great and I had nothing new to report. Back-Bicep was a new one for me and it was full of some refreshing moves and some classics, no repeat sets in this one! Ab X was Ab X - I do need to get a better mat as I've noticed I feel like I'm working out directly on the floor during some of the moves. Being uncomfortable is never really fun when your trying to bring it.

Day 32: Yoga X

I am about to do my Yoga X and I expect some great results. Warrior three will probably still challenge me - But I'm ready and feeling very energized today! I only had 7 hours of sleep (I like to get 8-9) but I sprung out of bed this morning almost like I had taken an espresso shot in my sleep! Love those mornings! :)

I'll be at work all day today so that's why I'm throwing in a "Pre-Update" - Tomorrow or Sunday I will be adding some new video content. I have a 30 day video and will have at least one more update video from day 32 or 33.

Day 30 P90X Review

Here it is folks - 30 days into the program doing 90% of the workouts. I did miss 3 workouts in the fourth week as I mentioned in my updates. Not bad though!

In a moment I am going to unveil my 30 day Measurements and Photos...

Now keep in mind my diet and nutrition plan was only coming together in the first two weeks. I didn't start Whey Protein and Creatine Supplimenting until the third and fourth week. I think you will notice more drastic changes in the weeks to come. My diet has become stronger and my protein intake has increased immensly. I consume roughly 140-160 Grams of protein a day.

The general rule is 1G per 1LB that you weigh: I weight ~150LB - Get it?

My workouts are getting stronger and stronger. The first two weeks, besides the pain, I found myself struggling to complete each set. At points burning out before I could actually follow through. Now I find myself pumping through the workouts with energy left to spare, I try my best to deplete every ounce of energy I have but I just want more!

I did Plyometrics today for day 30 in Phase two. That had to be the best Plyo I have ever done. Obviously that would be the case since I've been working out regularly but I just needed to mention how much I kicked It's butt. The first couple times I could hardly stand for that matter jump. Now I find myself doing 360 degree jumps in the 180's, doing double speed jump knee tucks, and best of all I don't get nauteious anymore! The first couple times left me wondering if my lunch would come back up!


If you're looking to get in the best shape of your life, don't hesitate a second longer!
I'm not here to sell you on the product but I am here to tell you that IT WORKS. I'm only 30 days into my journey and I can tell you now that come day 60, let alone day 90, I'm going to be mean, ripped, and ready to kick some $&* for P90X+ Round 2!

I can't wait to take all my efforts, my numebrs, my struggles, etc. and
turn that into some serious coaching benefits for those just getting started. I will be here for
every step of the way. I can't explain how much this system will kick your butt but leave you asking for More and More and More.

Don't wait around folks, step up and push play! The only way you are going to get results is if you do the work. I'm not saying just poke around - I mean you have to work hard!

If you are not serious and ready to change your life then please - Don't waste your time!

But if you are ready to say "Yes! Bring it on" Then by all means get moving and get to the WOWY Gym Now!

Now i'm sure you are ready to see some numbers and some pictures - Hold on one more second.

Keep in mind again that the first couple weeks were simply getting attuned, getting adjusted, getting into the proper mindset. Phase 2 is where the real action comes. Now my body is ready to go and in pretty Damn good shape. I didn't notice huge physical changes, I mean I wasn't hugely over weight to start. But what I have noticed is the energy levels. The ability to bring it more and more. The overall spirit of change and readiness to improve myself beyond the limits. You Will get this too.

Make it through the first week and you've done something Magicical. You will be very sore but JUST KEEP GOING! Keep Pushing play. I don't care if it hurts, it's going to! Just do your best, as long as you bring 110% every workout You Will See Results. Best of all You Will Feel the Results!

I was rather happy with what I saw. My main goal in phase one was to drop some of those love handles, get rid of that beer fat layer, and start to get ripped. Well it's a work in progress but look closely and You Can definitely see some changes. I'm not going to say where I see the changes because I want to hear it from you. Afterall, you are Your Own Worst Critic! So I may misjudge myself.

Comment and tell me what you think!

Ok, here are the numbers side by side: Day 2.1 and Day 30.

Day 2Weight:
Fat% ~12Chest:
Day 30Weight:

Thigh: 22"Arm: 13"
Total+ 2 LBS Uknown -

Ok, I just wanted to make a quick update right now - Expect a full 30 day review complete with pictures, comments, perhaps a video, etc. later tonight!

I completed Ab X and Shoulders/Back/Triceps last night. I started around 7:30 p.m. and completed near 9 p.m. I had just enough time to spare before joining a Scheduled Webinar for my Online Business Endeavors -But that's a whole separate blog! (Check it out... http://jasoncroxford.blogspot.com )

Wow! The work outs went very smooth and I brought it hard. Ab X couldn't keep up with Me. Well maybe that's a slight exaggeration but it was a million times easier than day one!
Nothing new to report expect the fact I can really feel Ab X working. I'm so much stronger in the core and have no problem bringing it! I completed the ENTIRE Mason Twist routine without putting my feet down! I think that's a first. Usually I end up breaking half way through or crossing my feet to keep my legs up - But not anymore!

Chest, Shoulders, and Triceps:

I absolutely Love this video. Its nitty-gritty and really makes you work. There are no repeat exercises, you just pump one out after the other. *You don't use a chin-up bar at all in this one! It's plain and simple resistance training with and without weight. I did find that I need to invest in some 5 lb weights for the weighted circles - Yeah Yeah Yeah you thinking 5lbs, what a pansy! Well folks it's all about Perfect Form and Doing Your Best. If your just getting back into physical fitness after years off like me then you will know exactly what I mean when you try that set!

As I type this update I want to note how sore I am! No, not a bad sore - But a really good sore! I feel very accomplished and burnt though I still have yet to do Plyometrics today.

*Wow it is note worthy to say - Though this has no relevance to my update - It just got very dark here at my computer. I love Florida for the bright sunshine and then Sudden switch to black rainy clouds out of Nowhere!

Looks like We're in for a storm!

Stay tuned for my Complete 30 Day Review tonight!

on 9:01 PM

This is going to be short and sweet. I just finished Yoga X as promised to you AND Myself. I didn't start until nearly 11:30pm so It's already Midnight and I'll be heading to bed soon.

There is no video to follow as I don't have much to report. I bought a bunch of groceries tonight and I am excited to add some more variety to my daily diet!

Yoga X went better than ever so far... Warrior 4 still knocks me down but It's getting a little more stable each time.

Have a great night everyone!

This Just In! New update Available: =0

I know my updates have been few and far between recently, actually more over just this past week! I am in Phase 1 Week 4 Day 28 as I write this. Phase 2 Starts Very Very soon and I am so ready to Bring It!

I'm going to give you a quick run down from this past week, more as a time line just so you can see what I did. I failed to follow through with my daily workouts, Yes I am human ;). The following is what Week 4 is all about and following that I will show you what I actually did:

1. Yoga X ... Completed!
2. Core Syn ... Completed though barely!
3. Kenpo X ... Failed, No workout
4. X Stretch ... Failed, No workout
5. Core Syn ... Failed ... Completed Kenpo X Instead
6. Yoga X ... Failed, No workout
7. X Stretch OR Rest ... Completed Core Syn AND Will Do Yoga X

So as you can see I've missed 2 X Stretches but that's better than nothing! Work really drained me this last week - Physically AND Emotionally. But it's alright, I've got a new lease on Life and I'm ready to go in Phase 2!

** I want to take a quick moment and Thank those who have commented my videos and my Blog - It's you that make me stay motivated and I appreciate your time to follow along!

Core Synergistics - Round 2:

"Set a goal to Achieve and your doing good - Set a Goal to Break and your becoming a Super-Star!"

Today went very well - So far! I woke up around 8 in the morning after about 10 hours of really good sleep. I cooked some breakfast which consisted of 1/2 cup of Egg Beater Whites and 3 slices of Lean Turkey. I complimented that with a slice of Whole Wheat Toast topped with Fat Free Cream Cheese (Yes, it sounds Nasty!) and about 2 Table Spoons of Natural Creamy Peanut Butter! Mm mm I LOVE Breakfast! I also drank about 16 oz of water and have an Espresso coffee to boot! Now, I'm zinging around ready to go. =)

After Breakfast I like to wait about 1-2 hours before I go at it, otherwise I find myself getting nauseous and that's just not fun. I hit Core Synergistics with 150% and I definitely saw improvement over round One. I didn't really keep any numbers which I'm sorry for but that will change for future Core workouts! I followed through with every set and pushed hard - I was breathing Wicked (Yeah I'm from Maine originally!) hard on the plank to chatarunga ISO and Walking Push ups.

That's about all I can think of to report so far...

Stay tuned for my Yoga X update by tonight, I promise. I Guarantee Even! =)